Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter

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  • Use it like a Grid-Tied, with panels only
  • Use it as a Load Shedding Solution, with batteries only
  • Use it in an Off-Grid situation, not connected to the grid
  • Use it in an On-Grid situation, connected to the grid

Deye and Sunsynk comes with the same internal hardware, except the software is different on the Sunsynk units. The Deye inverters can be configured remotely via the Solarman application. Access can be granted through Deye support for access to configure the inverter remotely.

  • Use it as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Use it for 3-Phase (1 inverter per phase)
  • Use it for Commercial purposes due to it’s Robust build
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Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter Overview


Without a doubt the best value-for-money Hybrid inverter, there’s nothing that comes close for the size, quality, capacity, cost, and performance!

This monster can handle  10400 WATTS of PV power, this is ideal for those wanting that large solar array to cover them over the overcast days and more!

With the ability to blend Solar, Battery, and Grid together this is a true Hybrid inverter, to understand how this works just watch the video below.


Higher Yields

  •  Improve self-consumption ratio up to 80% 
  • Reducing your electricity bill DC/AC ratio up to 1.3
  • Completely suitable for double-side PV modular Two MPPT design
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.6%

User Friendly

  • LCD Touch screen and buttons
  • Easy operation Compatible with a lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery
  •  Web browser and mobile App monitoring supported 


  • PV lightning protection
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Leakage current protection
  • IP65 protection
  • Automatically switch from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid mode within 5ms
  • Zero export function – prevents the system from feeding into the grid.  NRS Approved 
  • Fast reaction time is within 200ms in zero export mode


  • Programmable charging and discharging schedule
  • Both wind turbines and solar panels can be connected as DC input power
  •  16 units can be paralleled for higher system power 
  • Retrofitting of an existing solar system to an energy storage system


Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter Features


Essential & Non-Essential Loads

Being able to have Essential and non-essential loads enables you to split out your heavy appliances, saving your battery backup.


Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter Completely Autonomous

Autonomous Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter keeps the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   The Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.


Robust & Reliable

A great-looking unit makes the Deye a firm favorite over other inverters in this range, the quality of the Deye inverters are fantastic.



Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust when configured correctly.


Blending AC & DC

The Deye is a  true Hybrid inverter, it blends the DC (panels & batteries with the AC grid in the most efficient way.


Phone App

Keep on top of your consumption remotely with the Solar System monitoring iPhone or Android app.


LCD Screen

Change settings and monitor the performance of the inverter with the LCD display.


5-Year Warranty

Get peace of mind with a standard  5-year warranty. 

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 680 × 420 × 233 mm

32 kg


233 × 420 × 680 mm



More Details

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 233 × 420 × 680 mm
Brand Deye
kW Size 8kW
Volt Size 48V
System Type Hybrid
Maximum PV Array Power 10400W
Max Parallel Units 16



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