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Updated: 2019 / 08 / 14

JC Solar Panels - Policies

Solar payment policy

Payment Policy

JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a seamless transaction process for our valued customers. To ensure clarity and convenience in our financial interactions, we have established the following payment policy:

Accepted Payment Method

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We accept EFT payments for all invoices and orders. This method is secure, efficient, and allows for quick verification of transactions.

Processing of Orders

  • Orders will be processed upon receipt of proof of payment. Customers are kindly requested to forward proof of their EFT payment to our designated email address or through any other means provided at the time of sale.
  • Dispatch of Orders: Please note that orders will only be dispatched after the funds have been confirmed as cleared in our First National Bank account. This measure is to ensure the security and accuracy of transactions.

Product Stock and Physical Payments

  • Our solar product inventory is housed at our Modderfontein/Sandton warehouse. We would like to inform our customers that physical payments are not accepted at this location. This policy is in place to maintain the safety and security of our premises and personnel.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our payment policy. JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that your experience with us is smooth and satisfactory. Should you have any questions or require assistance with your payment, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Order Payment

  • Full Payment Requirement: Full payment must be reflected in our bank account for any placed orders before dispatch can occur from our warehouse. This policy ensures that we can efficiently manage and expedite your order, ensuring timely delivery of our solar products.

Installation Service Deposits

  • Deposits for Installation Services: While the full payment is required for product orders, we understand the need for flexibility when it comes to installation services. Deposits for installation service costs can be discussed and agreed upon with our sales team. This approach allows for a more manageable payment process for our customers while ensuring that service scheduling and planning can proceed efficiently.

Payment Verification

  • To ensure a seamless process, customers are requested to provide proof of payment or deposit as part of the order confirmation process. This proof aids in the timely verification and processing of your order and installation services.

Thank you for choosing JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd for your solar energy needs. We look forward to serving you and providing you with high-quality solar products and services.

Solar Product Return Policies

Return of Goods under the Consumer Protection Act Policy for JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd in South Africa

In adherence to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in South Africa, JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd has established a comprehensive policy governing the return of goods. This policy is designed to protect the rights and interests of consumers, ensuring a fair and transparent process for returning solar-related products.

Key Points of our Return Policy:

  1. Timeframe for Returns:
    • Goods may be returned within a reasonable time frame of 7-days after the purchase was made for a refund or exchange.

      JC Solar Panels adheres to the regulations of the CPA. For products purchased within the cooldown periods set, we can assist with returns for refunds or exchanges within the specified timeframe as provided by law. For orders outside the cooldown period set by the CPA, manufacturer warranty terms and conditions apply.

  1. Conditions for Return:
    • Products must be returned in their original condition, unaltered, and accompanied by all original packaging, accessories, and documentation.
  1. Defective or Faulty Products:
    • In the case of defective or faulty products, consumers have the right to return such items within the warranty period as outlined by our terms and conditions. Defective or faulty products fall under warranty inspections and repair policies of the manufacturer.
    • The manufacturer or distributor will cover All faulty products in the relevant product manufacturing warranty for repairs or replacements when approved.
  1. Notification Process:
    • Consumers are required to notify our company promptly upon identifying any defects or faults, providing details of the issue, and supporting evidence. Kindly ensure that the licensed installer of the component/s provides us with a detailed description of the fault and completes our warranty returns form available on our website.
  1. Refund or Replacement:
    • Depending on the nature of the return, if the order is in the 7-day cool-down period, a refund or exchange can be produced after an inspection has been conducted to ensure the product is in perfect returned condition and has not been tampered with or damaged in any way.
  1. Proof of Purchase:
    • Consumers must present valid proof of purchase, such as an invoice or receipt when initiating a return. This is a prerequisite for processing any return requests.
  1. Exclusions:
    • Certain products may be excluded from the return policy, especially if they fall under specific categories or are custom-made to consumer specifications.
  1. Return Process:
    • Consumers can initiate the return process by contacting our customer service department. Details for return authorization and shipping instructions will be provided.
  1. Compliance with CPA:
    • Our return policy aligns with the Consumer Protection Act, and we are committed to upholding the rights and protections afforded to consumers under this legislation.

Consumer Rights and Protections:

JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that consumers’ rights are respected and protected in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. By adhering to these policies, we aim to provide a positive and fair experience for all our customers.

It’s essential for consumers to familiarize themselves with our return policy and the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act to facilitate a smooth and transparent return process. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of service and compliance with consumer protection regulations in South Africa.

Please note the following conditions in our returns policy. Returns, Refunds, Repairs & Technical Support Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with our products. Please note the following conditions in our returns policy:

Unopened and Sealed Products You may return, at your own expense, any unopened and sealed product/s purchased from the JC Solar Panels and receive a full refund of the purchase price within 7 days of the date of purchase. You will only be eligible for a refund if the product is returned to JC Solar Panels together with the original tax invoice.

Opened and Unsealed Products You may return opened and unsealed products purchased from JC Solar Panels and receive a refund of the purchase price minus 10% (Handling Fee) within 7 days of the date of purchase. You will only be eligible for a refund if the product is returned to JC Solar Panels together with all its accessories, the original product packaging, and the original tax invoice.

Warranties Instant Warranty Void: Any/All product/s bought from JC Solar Panels must be installed by an accredited PV installer or the warranty on the product will be void. 

Faulty Products: All faulty products will be covered in the relevant product warranty for warranties and assessments. You may return goods within 7 (seven) days of the date of the receipt of the goods if the transaction falls within the scope of Section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transmissions Act. The aforementioned return policy excludes items contemplated in Section 42(2) of the aforementioned Act. No solar components can be returned if the original packaging and invoice number are not present or if the serial number is not present. We also do not offer returns on damaged components, installed components (this can be returned only under the warranty after inspection), or scratched components. We only accept warranty returns if there is a valid COC on the installations and an assessment will be conducted to determine the cause of return.

Limitations of Liability Policy

JC Solar Panels maintains a firm commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. However, it is important to note that our responsibility does not extend to damages or injuries arising from certain conditions beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Environmental and Electrical Factors: JC Solar Panels is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from electrical fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, or faults in the building’s wiring system. Additionally, damages resulting from faulty installations or improper use of controls fall outside our responsibility.
    • Product Misuse: Any failure to adhere to the operating instructions provided, general misuse, or abuse of the product exempts JC Solar Panels from liability.
    • External Forces and Infestation: Damage caused by acts of nature or if the product has become infested with insects or pests are circumstances beyond our control and responsibility.
    • Post-Purchase Damage: JC Solar Panels cannot be held responsible for physical damages that occur to the product after it has left the store, including those caused by water or other liquids.
    • Warranty Seal and Unauthorized Repairs: If the warranty seal is tampered with or broken, or if any repairs, tampering, or alterations are made by an unauthorized person, or non-approved parts are used, the warranty will be considered void.

This policy delineates the scope of our liability, emphasizing the importance of following product instructions and utilizing authorized services to maintain warranty coverage. JC Solar Panels prioritizes your safety and satisfaction and encourages responsible product use and care.

At JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd, we are committed to customer satisfaction, and as part of this commitment, we have established a return, refund, and exchange policy under strict guidelines.

  • Inspection of Returns: All returned products will undergo a detailed inspection by our technical department. If evidence of tampering is found, the warranty and any related policies will immediately become void.

  • Refunds and Replacements: Products, including inverters, are eligible for a refund or replacement only if they remain unopened and in their original packaging.

  • Warranty Seal: The integrity of warranty seals on specific products will be scrutinized. If a warranty seal is found to be removed, tampered with, or broken, all applicable policies will be rendered void.

  • Out-of-Box Failure (OBF) Policy: Products that have been opened, used, or installed are not eligible for our OBF policy. However, management may consider replacements in special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

  • Serial Number Verification: For a return to be accepted, the serial numbers on the product and its box must match our records to verify the sales origin.

  • Exchange Policy: Should an exchange be requested and deemed appropriate, we will provide available options to the customer.

  • Credit or Refund Process: Accepted returns will result in a credit to the customer’s account or a refund, based on the situation’s specifics.

  • Courier Service for Returns: Customers are responsible for arranging and covering the cost of return shipping via their own courier service. Should JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd be requested to arrange a courier, a shipping fee will be applied.

  • Reporting Damaged Goods: Customers must report any damages to JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd within 7 working days of receipt. Failure to do so will result in the goods being processed under warranty conditions.

We strive to ensure a fair and transparent process for all returns, refunds, and exchanges, emphasizing the importance of maintaining product integrity and adhering to our established procedures.


The warranty on the unit will be invalidated under the following circumstances:

  • Installation that does not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Absence of a minimum 40kA surge protection unit for both live and neutral wires on the AC incoming supply.
  • Lack of a minimum 40kA surge protection unit for both positive and negative wires on the AC incoming supply.
  • Failure to use the calculated and necessary 2 pole breakers for both the input and output connections of the inverter.
  • Installation without an appropriate changeover switch.
  • The battery inputs are not safeguarded by a properly rated fuse for both negative and positive connections, in accordance with the calculated Prospective Short Circuit Current (PSCC) ratings.
  • Any tampering with the unit, including attempts to open it.
  • Any visible damage to the unit itself.
Product shipping policy

Kindly note, payments for orders are strictly EFT for both online or invoices provided, except if another agreement has been arranged. The warehouse does not accept payments for orders and only accommodates self-collections on processed orders.

Goods are shipped using 3rd party shipping companies and prices are calculated based on weight and dimensions. All orders are shipped at the instruction of the customer & as a result, the customer will be liable for the items once it has left the premises of JC Solar Panels or our distributors.

Fully installed systems are shipped by the installer and it is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the goods in transit are safe as he has full liability for the components when collecting and delivering. 

Kindly note, all orders are processed when funds have been reflected in our FNB bank account. We do not dispatch orders based on bank payment proof of payments due to the amount of fraudulent proof of payments that occur in South Africa. This is valid for both shipping and self-collection orders.

  • All orders are shipped by JC Solar Panels (PTY) LTD without any insurance, except if insurance is requested.
  • An order will be considered completed by JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD once it has been collected by the customer &/or the shipping company.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD will not be held liable for any damages or losses that may be incurred during transit via theft, looting, hijacking, fire, mishandling, negligence, acts of God, or any other cause that is out of our control [force majeure].
  • Additional packaging costs may be incurred by the customer when requesting JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD to ship solar panels. Goods that are fragile need packaging that will incur an additional fee.
  • Goods will be delivered within 2-10 working days depending on the Courier company’s schedules and the volume of products requiring dispatch at a time.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD do not ship internationally.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD only ship our goods nationally (within South Africa).
  • The customer should provide their full shipping address and contact details for the courier company.
  • The customer should avail themselves within the 2-10 working days to receive the goods.
  • The customer may organize their own courier, provided JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD are notified beforehand.


Cancellation policy:

If cancellation is required after payment has been made then an email to the specified sales team will be required by the consumer which should entail:

  • Reason for cancellation.
  • Consumer banking details.
  • A cancellation time frame of 48 hours will fall into place once an order has been placed.
  • If the order is canceled after the 48 hour time frame a 5% penalty will be incurred for the processing of the specified order.
  • If the order is canceled within the given time period then no penalty will be incurred.
Solar installation policy

Solar Installation Service Policy

At JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd, we are committed to providing high-quality solar installation services to our customers. Our Solar Installation Service Policy outlines the terms and conditions that govern the installation process to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for our clients.

  1. Site Assessment:
  • Prior to installation, a comprehensive site assessment will be conducted to evaluate factors such as sunlight exposure, shading, roof condition, and electrical infrastructure. This assessment is crucial for designing an efficient and effective solar system.
  1. Customized System Design:
  • Based on the site assessment, we will design a customized solar energy system tailored to meet the specific energy needs and requirements of the customer. The design will include the selection of solar panels, inverters, mounting structures, and other necessary components.
  1. Quotation and Contract:
  • A detailed quotation, including the total cost of the solar installation, will be provided to the customer. Upon acceptance of the quotation, a formal contract will be drawn up, outlining the scope of work, timelines, and payment terms.
  1. Permits and Approvals:
  • Our team will handle the necessary permits and approvals required for the solar installation. This may include local building permits, utility approvals, and other regulatory requirements.
  1. Installation Process:
  • Our experienced and certified installation team will carry out the installation according to industry best practices and safety standards. The installation process will be conducted efficiently, minimizing disruption to the customer’s daily activities.
  1. Quality Components:
  • We use high-quality solar panels, inverters, and other components from reputable manufacturers. Our commitment to quality ensures the longevity and efficiency of the solar energy system.
  1. Inspection and Testing:
  • Upon completion of the installation, a thorough inspection and testing process will be conducted to verify the proper functioning of the solar system. This includes electrical inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  1. Customer Orientation:
  • Before concluding the installation, we provide a comprehensive orientation to the customer, explaining the operation and maintenance of the solar system. We address any questions or concerns to ensure the customer is fully informed.
  1. System Monitoring:
  • We offer system monitoring services to track the performance of the solar installation over time. This allows for proactive maintenance and ensures optimal energy production.
  1. Warranty and Support:
  • Our solar installations come with a warranty for both workmanship and components. We stand by the quality of our work and provide ongoing support to address any issues that may arise.
  1. Payment Terms:
  • Payment for the solar installation services will be made according to the agreed-upon terms outlined in the contract. Any additional costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances will be communicated and agreed upon with the customer.
  1. Customer Satisfaction:
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We welcome feedback from our customers and are committed to addressing any concerns promptly to ensure a positive experience.

By choosing JC Solar Panels Pty Ltd, customers can trust in our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to delivering reliable solar installation services.

JC Solar Panels is not responsible for any damage to electrical or solar systems, including inverters, panels, batteries, wiring, and connectors, caused by third-party installers. It is the customer’s responsibility to select a qualified and licensed installer, whether through our referrals or independently. While we can recommend specific installers, we cannot be held liable for their work.

Customers are encouraged to conduct thorough research before selecting an installer. We only cover the installation of the quoted solar system components, ensuring they’re properly integrated into the property’s AC system. Any additional electrical work will require a separate quote and is not included in the standard solar system installation cost.

Our installations are focused on connecting the quoted products to the DB board and powering essential loads. If additional work is needed, especially for hybrid inverters to support non-essential loads, this will be outlined in a separate quote. We emphasize that no unquoted electrical modifications will be made during installation.

Installations include mounting inverters and batteries securely and ensuring cabling is safely enclosed. Solar panel installation will be conducted with care to avoid property damage, with any caused damage being the installer’s responsibility to repair.

A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is provided for the solar installation work, not covering the entire property’s electrical system. Full electrical compliance certificates can be requested separately.

All installations adhere to professional standards, with warranties covering product defects unless installation deviates from recommended practices or customer-supplied designs that compromise the system’s integrity. In such cases, warranties may be void, and installers reserve the right to refuse installation if it poses safety risks or could damage the system.

Safety is paramount; thus, customers should avoid distracting installers during electrical work. JC Solar Panels ensures professional installation services and reserves the right to halt work and refund the installation under conditions of unsafe work environments, legal issues, or customer interference.

For any inquiries or to discuss your installation needs, please contact us at info@jcsolarpanels.co.za.