About JC Solar Panels

For people living in rural areas or people who want to live off the grid for a cleaner environment, JC Solar Panels can provide all the solar solutions, specifically to meet their budget. Our support staff and all our teams working for us are well trained and supportive of our clients. Also, we ensure to employ the needy and underprivileged people if there are positions available.         

Thank you for taking your time to learn a little more about JC Solar Panels. We hope to assist you with all the solar information and products you might require. 

About JC Solar Panels

We at JC Solar Panels is an established and professional solar company situated in Klerksdorp, Northwest. We provide solar products and solar installers in Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Free state, and Northwest province. At our offices, we work hard to provide the end-user with all the necessary solar energy products at the best prices. We strive to only sell high-quality solar products. We supply solar products through our online store and deliver directly to our customer’s locations. We also provide an option for self-collection on specific solar products if available in the region of the client. JC Solar Panels provide accredited solar installers which are highly skilled and can provide  CoC certificates  for any solar installation completed when you make a solar purchase with us.  

Our team at JC Solar Panels, have a passion for people. Our aim is to assist people and provide solutions to their problems.  Therefore, we are always open to negotiations regarding our prices on solar products. As all of us in South Africa has at some point feel the frustrations of load-shedding, we want to path the way for people to invest in alternative energy solutions. The number of financial problems caused for small business increased dramatically due to power outages in South Africa. We understand that investing in solar geysers, solar inverters, solar panels, or batteries can be intimidating at first, especially if you see the prices to convert. We also do our utmost best to offer you affordable solar products although, we do not compromise on quality. 



Our mission is to provide people with affordable and quality alternative energy solutions and products. We not only want to supply solar installers, but everyone on South Africa with the best solar solutions available to the market. 



Our vision is to contribute to a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for the future. We want to leave a world for the next generations, without all the carbon dioxide or greenhouse gasses polluting the earth.



We are committed to customers by always ensuring they are satisfied. We conduct business in an honest and trustworthy manner. We respect one another in the work area and at our client premises.


Why choose us

We are committed to customers by always ensuring they are satisfied. We conduct business in an honest and trustworthy manner. We r

JC Solar Panels is an established solar product company, providing South Africans with high-quality solar products and solutions. Our goal is to provide alternative energy solutions for people to beat load-shedding and to save on electrical utility bills. 

We aim to save the earth from further pollution by introducing and offering alternative energy solutions such as solar energy products. We hope that, in the future, all homes and businesses can use alternative energy solutions which will allow a healthier and cleaner world to live in.

Solar power is the change the world need, to reduce our carbon footprint we have made. Invest in solar and contribute to a better future. 

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espect one another in the work area and at our client premises.

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