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Solar system pre-inspection service

JC Solar Panels offer solar installation pre-inspection services that is a crucial step in the process of installing a solar system. This service is conducted by our professional solar installers or qualified electrical engineers before the actual installation begins. Its primary purpose is to assess the site’s suitability for solar power system installation, identify potential challenges, and ensure that the solar installation can proceed smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance with local electrical and building regulations, as well as safety standards. Here’s an overview of what happens during a solar installation pre-inspection service:

Site Assessment

  • Roof Inspection: Evaluates the condition, material, angle, and orientation of the roof to determine its suitability for solar panels. It also checks for any repairs that may be needed before installation.
  • Shading Analysis: Identifies any potential shading from trees, buildings, or other structures that could impact the efficiency of the solar panels throughout the day and across different seasons.
  • Space Evaluation: Ensures there is enough space for the proposed solar panel system and that it can be configured optimally for maximum energy production.

Electrical System Evaluation

  • Existing Electrical System: Checks the current electrical system, including the service panel, wiring, and grounding, to ensure it can safely integrate with the solar PV system. An amperage test is typically conducted to calculate the peak and average electrical consumption rates.
  • Upgrade Requirements: Identifies any necessary upgrades or modifications to the existing electrical or solar infrastructure to accommodate the new or additional solar components or systems.

Structural Considerations

  • Building Structure Analysis: Assesses the structural integrity of the building or the installation site to ensure it can support the weight of the solar panel system.
  • Load Analysis: Sometimes, a detailed engineering analysis is required to calculate the additional load on the roof structure and ensure it meets building codes and safety standards. This is relevant typically in larger scale PV installations.

Compliance and Permitting

  • Local Regulations and Codes: Reviews local building codes, zoning laws, and electrical codes to ensure the installation will be compliant.
  • Permitting Requirements: Identifies the necessary permits and applications needed for the solar installation project.

Planning and Recommendations

  • System Design Preliminary Review: Based on the site assessment, the technician can offer preliminary recommendations for the system design, including the type and number of panels, inverter selection, and system layout. This information will be provided to our office to provide a solar quotation based on the findings of the electrical engineer.
  • Energy Needs Analysis: A review of the property’s energy consumption patterns to tailor the solar system size and capabilities to the homeowner’s or business’s needs.


Report and Consultation

After the pre-inspection, the solar installer will provide a detailed report to our sales office, outlining the findings, recommendations, and next steps. This report serves as a basis for the final system design, quotation, and installation plan. It’s also an opportunity for property owners to ask questions and make informed decisions about their solar investment.

By conducting a thorough pre-inspection service, solar installers can identify and address potential issues before they become problems during the solar installation process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient project from start to finish.


Inspection costs

For Gauteng and Cape Town

We charge a call-out and inspection fee that can be credited should a solar system be purchased with our company. The fee is only to cover traveling costs, labor and time.

R1350 Incl VAT
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