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Can a home solar conversion system power stoves, kettles, and geysers?

The short answer is yes, a home solar conversion system can provide power for stoves, kettles, and geysers. However, this will increase the overall cost for solar components as you will need to buy a large number of solar panels, solar batteries, and a more expensive and powerful inverter to keep up with the electrical demand.

A complete home solar conversion system that will be able to sufficiently power all elements and all electrical appliances without the grid, would cost hundreds of thousands of Rands.

We would recommend using solar power for lights, gate motors, TVs, computers, and all other essential electrical appliances.

Also, we would recommend using a gas stove and converting your electrical geyser to a solar thermal energy geyser which will be much more cost-efficient compared to an electrical geyser to run directly from solar panels.

Residential off-grid solar system

Residential off-grid solar systems

Off-grid solar conversion systems are independent of the electricity grid and will require electricity to be stored in a battery bank. Off-grid solar conversion systems should be sized correctly to provide enough electricity to meet the demand required. An off-grid solar conversion system basically consists of solar panels, a solar inverter, a battery energy storage bank, and an MPPT controller.

Residential Hybrid solar system

Residential grid-interactive hybrid solar system

A Grid-tie Hybrid conversion solar system provides you with off-grid solar options as well as grid-tied solar solutions. Grid-tie mode allows you to feed electricity back into the grid if you have permission to do it in your area from the local municipality. However, if the electricity from the grid fails, the system will also power off. Luckily, the hybrid system can function in off-grid mode and provide your home with electricity even if the power from the grid fails.

What is home solar conversion system?

A home solar conversion system is a few solar components that are installed in a home to generate energy from the sun and convert that energy into working electricity.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the home. Solar panels are the components that generate energy directly from the sun.

The energy generated is stored in a battery bank as DC energy. The DC energy is then sent to the solar inverter which ultimately converts it to AC electricity for your home’s appliances.

To charge the batteries in the battery storage section in the home solar system, the solar inverter alongside the MPPT controller uses the DC energy from the solar panels to sufficiently charge the battery bank.

The inverter alongside the connected battery bank is connected to your home’s main power supply to provide AC electricity to your electrical appliances.

Types of residential solar conversion systems

JC Solar Panels offer years of experience supplying residential solar conversion systems in South Africa with a large range of well-designed and thoroughly tested solar products. We can offer residents the correct solar conversion system based on their needs. However, there are a few different types of home solar conversion systems which residents should understand before converting to solar energy.

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