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Dyness 5kw Single-Phase 48V Hybrid Inverter

Dyness 5kw Single-Phase 48V Hybrid Inverter

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Dyness 5kw Hybrid Inverter

10-year warranty (*The warranty will be limited to 5 years if not connected with Dyness batteries.)


Dyness 5kW Single-Phase 48V Hybrid Inverter for Sale at JC Solar Panels


Product Overview

The Dyness 5kW Single-Phase 48V Hybrid Inverter, model Dyne-5.0L-1P-A, is a versatile and robust solution designed for residential hybrid solar systems. This inverter seamlessly integrates with Dyness low-voltage lithium-ion batteries, such as the DL5.0X, DL5.0C, and Powerbox Pro, to optimize self-consumption and ensure reliable backup power during grid outages or insufficient PV power.


Dyness 5kw Hybrid Inverter Key Features
  • Generator Connectivity: Supports multiple input methods with automatic On/Off control for generators.
  • Automatic UPS Switching: Ensures uninterrupted power with a switchover time of less than 4 milliseconds.
  • Peak Shaving Control: Operates in both “self-use” and “generator” modes to manage peak loads efficiently.
  • High Charge/Discharge Current: Allows up to 135A (5.0/6.0K models) and 190A (8.0K model) for rapid energy management.
  • Customizable Settings: Offers six customizable charge/discharge time settings for tailored energy usage.
  • Surge Power Capability: Provides a 10-second backup overload capability at 200% of the rated power.
  • Flexible Connection: Supports single-phase and three-phase connections, with scalability up to 36kW (5.0/6.0K models) and 48kW (8.0K model) in parallel setups.


Dyness 5kw Hybrid Inverter Specifications:

Input DC (PV Side)

  • Recommended Max. PV Power: 8 kW
  • Max. Input Voltage: 600 V
  • Rated Voltage: 300 V
  • Start-up Voltage: 90 – 520 V
  • Max. Input Current: 16 A / 16 A
  • Max. Short Circuit Current: 24 A / 24 A


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Max. Charge/Discharge Power: 5 kW
  • Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 112 A


Output AC (Grid Side)
  • Rated Output Power: 5 kW
  • Max. Output Current: 25 A
  • Max. Input Current: 34.1 A


  • Dimensions (WHD): 405560205 mm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Ingress Protection: IP66


Why Choose Dyness 5kW Hybrid Inverter?
  • Reliability: Ensures stable and consistent power supply even during grid failures.
  • Efficiency: Maximizes self-consumption and energy savings with intelligent management features.
  • Scalability: Easily expandable to meet increasing energy demands.
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh environments with a high ingress protection rating.


Dyness 5kw Hybrid Inverter Conclusion

Investing in the Dyness 5kW Single-Phase 48V Hybrid Inverter from JC Solar Panels guarantees a high-performance, reliable, and scalable solution for your residential solar power needs. With advanced features and robust specifications, this inverter is designed to enhance your energy independence and efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 406 × 560 × 205 cm
Product Type:


Inverter type:




Inverter size:


Max. input voltage:

600 V

Rated voltage:

300 V

Start-up voltage:

90 – 520 V

Max. short circuit current:

24 A / 24 A

Battery type:


Max. charge/discharge power:

5 kW

Max. charge/discharge current:

112 A

Rated output power:

5 kW

Max. output current:

25 A

Max. input current:

34.1 A




24 kg





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