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Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion battery

Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion battery

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Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion battery

Powerbox adopts LiFePO4 chemistry battery with safety performance and long life time, which offers you four capacities to meet your more requirements.

Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion battery offers a compact size & light weight

  • High energy density battery, enabled Dyness Powerbox ultra-compact, light weight.
  • Compact size makes Dyness Powerbox easy to handle.
  • DC breaker embedded, safer, easier.

Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion Powerbox dimentions

  • Dimension / mm: 928 x 555 x 210
  • Weight / Kg: 47 / 69 / 91 / 113
  • ( 2.4 / 4.8 / 7.2 / 9.6kWh )

High Power Output & Usable Energy Ratio

  • Dyness Battery Storage System has high output power and usable energy ratio,
  • the system can reach 1C continuously and 2C at peak to support critical requirement such as A/C.
  • They can reach 95% usable ratio.

Safest Battery & Perfect Compatibility

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Weight 65 kg




Dyness 4.8kwh Lithium-ion Powerbox Datasheet


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