Sunova 5kw with 5kwh storage system

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Sunova 5kw with 5kwh storage system (Sunova-eFox-50E)

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Sunova eFox 5kw with 5kwh battery storage

Sunova-eFox series is an off-grid energy storage system, which can connect solar panel grid ( or generator ) and load. It has a built-in LFP battery, an off-grid inverter, and a battery management system (BMS). It has multiple work modes to meet lots of application scenarios and reduce the electricity bill, store energy for emergency backup. Sunova-eFox Series Energy Storage System is a multi-functional power supply device designed to comprehensively used for residential and commercial projects. With a built-in lithium battery, this system can provide an uninterrupted and stable power supply, and ensure the normal use of the utility when the grid is out. This device can run in the most economical and practical mode based on the user’s requirement to bring objective economic benefits and not cause any environmental pollution.

Advanced design
  • All in one design, compact and elegant appearance.
  • Easy to install and move.
  • Both PV and grid charge, are fast and convenient.
  • Peak-shaving mode reduces the electricity bill.
High Reliability
  • Integrate Max. 5.12kWh battery, long-time power supply.
  • LFP battery cell technology is safer than ever.
  • Multiple protections, safe and reliable.
  • Multi-purpose AC outlet, easy to use.
  • Multiple work modes meet lots of scenarios.

Sunova eFox 5kw with 5kwh battery storage Specification:


Battery Specification:

Rated voltage: 51.2V

Voltage range: 44.8—57.6V

Capacity: 5.12kWh

Max. discharge rate: 1C

Max. Charge Rate: 1C

Battery type: Lithium-phosphate


AC Output (Backup)

Rated power: 5000W

Surge power: 1000W/5s

Rated output voltage: 220/230/240V

Max. output current: 22.7A

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

THDv: <3%

Output wave: Pure Sine Wave

Output Type: AC Socketx2+Terminals


AC Input

AC input voltage range: 170-280V

AC input frequency:50/60Hz

AC charge current (Battery): 30A (0-80A Adjustable)


PV Input

Max. PV power (Recommended):

Max. PV voltage: 450V

MPPT voltage range: 120-430V

Max PV charge current (Battery): 100A


General data

Operating temperature: 0-55C

Storage temperature: -15C~60C

Humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Cooling: Fan

Weight: 67.6kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 585 x 611 x 230mm

Enclosure protection: IP20

Communication: WiFi/RS485a

Additional information

Weight 67.6 kg
Dimensions 585 × 611 × 230 mm
Battery Capacity:


Battery rating:


Battery type:


Inverter capacity


Inverter type:





585 x 611 x 230mm





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