5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES Inverter

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Growatt 5kw SPF5000ES solar off-grid inverter

  • Built-in  MPPT Controller 
  •  Available BMS (Battery Management System) Communication Port 
  • Works  with or without  battery
  • Optional WIFI/GPRS  remote monitoring 
  • Parallel up to  6 inverters 
  •  Integrated UPS  (uninterrupted power supply) function
  • 2-year warranty

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5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES Inverter Overview

The Growatt SPF 5000 ES 5kw inverter is a high input voltage solar inverter that allows you to have a larger than average array up to 450VDC. If you are looking for an inverter that will power your heavy appliances during the day, then this is the inverter for you. The Growatt SPF 5000 ES solar inverter is one of the most comprehensive Off-Grid inverters offered by Growatt on the market today. This inverter is used for backup power and for self-consumption applications.


Growatt SPF 5000 ES Features
  • Autonomous Off-Grid Solar Inverter keeps the lights on and your bills down with no effort. This inverter knows what to do and when.
  • Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust.
  • If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can connect up to  6 Off-Grid inverters in series to expand.
  • Connect your Lithium-ion battery directly with this new BMS Port, no need for middleware to communicate with your battery.
  • Don’t worry about your battery running dry,  the ES will still use solar or grid.
  • Monitor your usage using the WiFi/GPRS and the  Android App.



5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES off-grid is an off-grid inverter to backup power and self-consumption application, maximum power PV input voltage up to 450VDC, also it can work without battery indirect savings in investment costs.

The 5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES Inverter has optional upgrades which include: to work without a battery, power usage from the grid and PV system, equalization charging function for lead-acid battery, and timer setting for optimizing consumption.

The 5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES Inverter is a multifunctional off-grid solar inverter, integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller, a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter and a UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off-grid backup power and self-consumption applications.

  • 5Kw Growatt SPF 5000 ES Inverter can work with or without batteries.
  • The whole system also needs other devices to achieve complete running such as PV modules, generators, or utility grids.
  • The WIFI / GPRS module is a plug-and-play monitoring device to be installed on the inverter.
  • With this device, users can monitor the status of the PV system from the mobile phone or from the website anytime anywhere.
  • The integrated MPPT charge controller
  • It can work with a battery or without a battery
  • Maximum PV input voltage up to 450VDC
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority
  • Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring
  • Parallel for scalability

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 485 × 330 × 135 mm



48.5 × 33 × 13.5 cm

Rated Power:


Parallel Capability:

Yes, 6 units

AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode):

230VAC ± 5% @ 50/60Hz

Surge Power:


Efficiency (Peak):


Waveform: Pure sine wave

Pure sine wave

Transfer Time:

10 ms (For Personal Computers); 20 ms (For Home Appliances)

Maximum PV Array Power:


MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage

120VDC ~ 430VDC

Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage:


Maximum Solar Charge Current:


Maximum Efficiency:


Charge Current:


AC Input Voltage:

230 VAC

Selectable Voltage Range:

170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers) ; 90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)

Frequency Range

50Hz/60Hz (Auto-sensing)


5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)

Operating Temperature:

0ºC – 55ºC

Storage Temperature:

-15ºC – 60ºC




Growatt SPF 5000 ES datasheet

Growatt SPF 5000 ES Manual


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