Goodwe 10kW Single-phase hybrid inverter

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GW0010-EHB inverter features
  • UPS-level switching
  • AFCI Ready & Rapid Shutdown
  • Installer-friendly
  • AC Bypass Switch
  • Strong Backup Power Supply
  • 4 MPPT – Higher Yields

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Goodwe 10kW Single-phase hybrid inverter

EHB Series is a single-phase hybrid inverter specially designed to meet the increasing energy storage needs of the South African residential segment. It is the ultimate integrated multi-function system, follows a Plug & Play design, and has an external communication connector, making the installation process quick and convenient. Supporting up to 50A battery charge/discharge current, EHB can easily supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised. It is AFCI-Ready and can support the Rapid Shutdown function. All these outstanding features make this inverter a perfect match for application in South African households.

Featuring 4 MPPTS, the EHB (5-10kW) is the perfect solution to feed solar power to large residential properties, offering you more choices and maximizing total solar generation.

GoodWe EHB Series provides full capacity (up to 10kW) of backup supply and supports 50A max. charge/discharge current when connected to high voltage batteries. Moreover, UPS-Level switching (within 10ms) from grid mode to backup operation mode ensures a seamless power supply for critical loads in your home.

EHB Series provides you with an optional Rapid Shutdown function and offers you the option to get AFCI activated whenever you need simply by acquiring an activation code, ensuring safety and reliability for the whole solar system

Easy installation
EHB Series removes all the complexities of the installation process with its well-designed integrated AC/DC Breaker, Plug & Play connectors, external communication connector, etc. This makes the installation much more convenient, saving not only costs but also time and space.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 516 × 440 × 184 mm
Rated output power


Peak output Power

10320VA, 60sec

Output type

Pure sinewave

Number of MPPTs


Max open circuit voltage


MPPT range


MPPT Startup voltage


Maximum DC amps


Maximum PV power



1 Phase

Max efficiency


Weather protection



5 Years




Battery Input Data

Battery Type: Li-Ion (BYD HVM&HVS, Pylon H1&H2, LG RESH10-TypeR, GOODWE SECU-S series)

Battery voltage range: 80~495 V

Max. charging current: 50 A

Max. discharging current: 50 A

Charging strategy for Li-Ion battery: Self-adaption to BMS

PV String Input Data

Max. DC input power: 15000 W

Max. DC input voltage: 600 V

MPPT range: 80~550 V

Start-up voltage: 95 V

MPPT range for full load: 300~500 V

Nominal DC input voltage: 380V

Max. input current: 13/13/13 A

Max. short current: 16.3/16.3/16.3A

No. of MPP trackers: 4

No. of strings per MPP tracker: 1/1/1

AC Output Data (On-grid)

Nominal output voltage: 230V AC

Nominal output frequency: 50Hz

Max. apparent power output to the grid: 10000VA

Max. apparent power from the grid: 10000 VA

Max. AC current output to the grid: 43.5 A

Max. AC current from the grid: 45.5A

Output power factor: ~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)

Output THDi (@Nominal Output): <3%

AC Output Data (Back-up)

Nominal output voltage: 230V (±2%)

Nominal output frequency: 50Hz(±0.2%)

Automatic switch time: <10ms

Output THDv (@Linear Load): <3%

Max. continuous output apparent power: 10000 VA

Peak output apparent power: 12000, 60sec VA

Max. continuous output current: 43.5A


PV max. efficiency: 97.60%

PV CEC efficiency: 97.00%

Battery charged by PV max. efficiency: 98.20%

Battery charge/discharge to AC max. efficiency: 96.50%


PV arc fault detection: Optional

Rapid shutdown system (RSS) transmitter: Optional

DC & AC breaker, AC bypass switch: Integrated

AC&DC SPD type II: Integrated

Anti-islanding protection: Integrated

PV string input reverse polarity protection: Integrated

Insulation resistor detection: Integrated

Residual current monitoring Unit: Integrated

Output over current protection: Integrated

Back-up output short protection Integrated

Output over-voltage protection: Integrated

Battery input reverse polarity protection: Integrated

General Data

Operating temperature range: -35~60°C

Relative humidity: 0~95%

Operating altitude: ≤4000m

Cooling: Intelligent Fan

Noise (dB): <45

User interface: LED & APP (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

DC & AC power connect Port: MC4 & ADAPTER WIELAND

Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN

Communication with Mete: RS485

Communication with EMS: RS485 (Insulated)

Communication with Portal: Wi-Fi

Communication with RSD: SUNSPEC

Weight: 32.3kg

Dimensions (W XH X D):  415 X791 X 175mm

Mounting: Wall Bracket

Protection Degree: IP65

Standby Self Consumption: <20W

Topology: Transformerless




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