Shoto HP10 Box5 5.12kWh Lithium Battery

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The Shoto 5.12kwh HP10-Box 5 Lithium-Ion Battery is the perfect way to stay off the grid and reduce your monthly bill.
Brand: Shoto Lithium Battery.
Type: Lithium-ion.
Power: 5.12kWh.
Warranty: 5 years.

Includes cables and wall mount bracket

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Shoto HP10 Box5 5.12kWh Lithium Battery

Shoto 5.12kwh HP10-Box 5 Lithium Ion Battery – If you’re interested in reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources, we’ve got a solution for you.

Imagine a world where you can use your own solar power without having to worry about paying for electricity. That’s the world we want to help you create with our Shoto Lithium Battery Storage System. The high-quality Shoto 5.12kwh HP10-Box 5 Lithium-Ion Battery is designed to be mounted on the wall and can be installed with ease by anyone. It comes with a five-year warranty and has an impressive 10+ years of design life. You’ll never have to worry about replacing it or repairing it—it’s just that durable! And with its simple design, this battery is easy to install, so it won’t cost you more time or money in labor costs when you’re putting it together.

Shoto 5.12kwh Lithium Battery is compatible with most inverters including, Growatt, Goodwe, Victron, Deye, and Luxpower (and more). This means that when you invest in this product, you’re getting peace of mind that goes beyond just saving money on your monthly bill—you’re also investing in something that will last for years!

Shoto 5.12kwh HP10-Box 5 Lithium-Ion Battery is a battery designed to store power generated by solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable energy sources and to supply it on demand. This battery can be used in two ways: as a stand-alone energy source or as a backup for utility power during load shedding. This battery is ideal for businesses and homeowners that want to reduce their reliance on the grid, reduce their monthly bills, want to install a solar system, or want to be off the grid.

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 580 × 150 × 47 mm

HP10-Box 5

Nominal Capacity:


Depth of Charge:


Usable Capacity:


Charge Voltage:


Discharge Voltage:


Nominal Voltage:


Max Parallel Quantity:


Charge/Discharge Current:

Max 100A(1C)-Recommend 50(0.5C)

Communication Port:




Dimensions W*H*D:



5 Years Product Warranty,10+ Years design Life (@25ºC/77F)


TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3

Compatible Inverters:

Growatt, Goodwe, Victron, Deye, Sunsynk, Sofar, Luxpower, and more brands to be announced




Shoto 512kwh HP10Box  Datasheet


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