Low-Pressure solar geyser products

Solar geysers are designed as high-pressure and low-pressure systems. High-pressure solar geysers mean that the water inside the solar geyser’s tank is under pressure and it works in the same way as your household water taps pressure will. However, a low-pressure solar geyser product, water in the tank is under low-pressure and these low-pressure solar geysers are also referred to as no-pressure solar geysers. The water pressure inside a low-pressure solar geyser is dependant on the gravity of the water inside.
Low-pressure solar geyser systems are manufactured with glass tubes connected to the water storage tank with a smaller sized holding tank on top. The low-pressure solar geyser product consists of a glass tube collector, a water storage tank, and a stand. The tubes of the low-pressure solar geyser are installed to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. The tubes are also filled with water which is then heated by the sun. The warm water is moved to the water storage tank through natural convection while cold water fills the tubes again to be heated.