Domestic 5kw Solar System installation for essential appliances


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Domestic 5kw Solar System installation for essential appliances – no feeding non-essential appliances.

Installation by a licensed master electrician and Greencard accredited solar installer for Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Installation includes:

  • All labor for mounting solar panels, mounting inverters, mounting, or stacking batteries.
  • Installation, connecting, and wiring of AC protection box, PV combiner box, and wiring of batteries, solar panels, and inverter with integration to property’s mains or DB board as well as inverter software configuration.
  • Transportation of all components for a full installation to be conducted.
  • All sundries such as trunking, earthing cable as well as AC cable for DB board integration. (Note only standard sundries are applicable, extra lengths or additional sundries are not covered by this cost).
  • Certificate of Compliance on all wiring and installation of the solar system installed.






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