Growatt Pylontech 24V Solar Bundle

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Growatt Pylontech 24V Solar Bundle

  • 1 x Growatt 3kw 24v Inverter
  • 2 x 370W Solar Panels
  • 50 x 6mm Solar Cable
  • 1 x Pylontech UP2500 2.8kwh Li-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Cable Pack
  • 2 x 16mm Battery Cable
  • 4 x 16mm Lugs
  • 1 x AC Protection box
  • 1 x MC4 Connector
  • 1 x DC Disconnector Switch
  • 1 x PV Combiner box
  • 2 x Swl-20 Spotlights
  • Complete Tile or IBR roof mounting structure


Pylontech UP2500 Battery

Voltage 24V

Nominal Wh 2840

6000 Cycles at 80%

Supports maximum 20 pcs in parallel connection

Key battery parameters setting:

  • Charging cut off voltage point: 28.4VDC
  • Discharging cut off voltage point: 24.8VDC
  • Recommend charge/discharge current = 55A * N  (N=Number of parallel batteries)
  • Other settings are basically the same as the 48V system

Weight:27 kg

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Nominal Energy:2840 Wh

Depth of discharge:80.00 %

Voltage:24 V

Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use):1344 W

Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):1344 W

Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds):2664 W

Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes):1344 W


Canadian Solar




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