Growatt 5kw 4.8kwh solar kit


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Growatt 5kw 4.8kwh solar kit

The Growatt 5kw 4.8kwh solar kit includes the following components:


Qty Description
8 455 Watt Canadian Mono Solar Panels
2 2.4kwh Dyness Lithium-ion batteries
1 AC protection box – The AC Protection box, consists of 2 AC Breakers, one for AC input into the inverter from the DB and one for AC output of the inverter to the load as well as a surge protection device.
1 PVC1 combiner
1 Dyness battery cable pack
1 Merson disconnector 160A
100 meter 6mm solar cable
3 MC4 connectors
1 meter 16mm Battery Cable
1 PREFAB Board + Battery Cabinet
1 Complete mounting kit for 8x solar panels for a tile and IRB roof type.


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