Growatt 5kw 15kwh Solar Package


Growatt 5kw 15kwh Solar kit

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Growatt 5kw 15kwh Solar Package

Growatt 5kw 15kwh solar package includes the popular 5kw Growatt Off-Grid inverter that can charge the solar batteries by using PV power input or AC power input. The Growatt 5kw inverter can’t feed electricity back into the Eskom grid. The Growatt 5kw 15kwh Solar Package also offers twelve 305W solar panels with a powerful 15kwh lithium-ion battery which produced 15kwh total power and 13.5kwh at a DoD of 90% and also, 12kwh at a DoD of 80%. That is basically 12 electrical Eskom units stored in a battery which is plentiful for times when the sun is not shining or during the evenings. JC Solar Panels will not recommend to configure an electrical geyser to this system, however this system will power geysers, but it will reduce the available storage power drastically due to the elements in geysers are very power intensive. If you want to go off the grid, we would recommend installing a solar geyser or a solar geyser conversion system alongside the system.

The Growatt 5kw 15kwh Solar Package includes:

  • 1x 5KW GROWATT 145VDC 48V 80AMP MPPT
  • 12x Canadian 305Watt solar panels
  • 1x Freedom Won
  • 100m x 6mm Solar cable
  • 15 x MC4 connectors
  • 3 x MC4Y 2 way splitter
  • 2 x Lugs
  • 1 x swpvc3 combiner
  • 1 x AC  protection box
  • 1 x comms cable
  • Complete mounting system for Ibr or tile roof



Canadian Solar

Freedom Won



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