Growatt 5kw 10.24 kwh solar bundle


Complete solar bundle with a 450VDC solar inverter, 8x solar panels, and 2x 5.1kwh lithium-ion batteries. This solar kit comes with the necessary solar panel mounting structure as well as AC protection and combiner boxes.

Growatt inverter includes Wifi monitoring & parallel card

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Growatt 5kw 10.24 kWh solar bundle

  • 1 x Growatt 5kw 450vdc inverter incl. WIFI + parallel card  (SPF-5000TL-HVM-WPV-WF model)
  • 8 x Canadian Solar 410W panels
  • 2 x Shoto 5.12kwh lithium-ion battery
  • 1 x Metal AC protection box with AC protection breakers
  • 1 x Mersen DC disconnector switch
  • 1 x PVC1 combiner box
  • 100m x 6mm Solar cable
  • 3 x MC4 connectors
  • 4 x 25mm Battery Cable
  • 12x 25mm Lugs
  • Complete mounting system for tile or IBR roof

Solar Off-Grid Inverter

Growatt SPF-5000TL-HVM-WPV-WF solar inverter

  • The integrated MPPT charge controller
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority
  • Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring
  • Parallel for scalability

Main Features:

  • Includes battery communication port that allows communication between Growatt inverters.
  • Includes WiFi monitoring stick

Inverter Output Specifications:

  • Power output: 5000 VA / 5000 W
  • Battery voltage requirement: 48V DC
  • The parallel capability of up to 6 units
  • Output: 230V AC pure sine wave
  • Peak efficiency of 93%

Solar Charger Specifications (Built-In):

  • Max PV array: 5500Wp
  • MPPT voltage range: 120V DC to 430V DC  (High voltage inverter)
  • Max open circuit voltage: 450V DC
  • Max solar charge current: 100A
  • Solar charger efficiency: 97%

AC Charger Specifications (Built-In):

  • Max AC charge current: 60A

Other information:

  • Dimensions: 330 x 485 x 135 mm
  • Weight : 12.0 kg
  • BMS communication port included. Compatible with 100AH and 200AH lithium batteries with a communication port.
  • Online monitoring with Growatt WiFi extension module.


LiFePO4 Battery Important information & Axpert Inverter Settings
• Most LiFePO4 batteries (rack mount and wall mount models) have a built-in battery management
system (BMS) that monitors and protects the battery during use. It is important to note that the BMS is set
to switch off the battery if the voltage drops below 41 V.

• The charging current is limited by the BMS between 20 A to 40A to ensure optimal battery life.
• The battery life expectancy is strongly dependant on the depth of discharge (DoD) of the battery. A DoD of
80% is recommended for the battery to obtain at least 3500 Cycles. The 80% DoD voltage is as follows:
o Battery Discharge rate 100 A [~ 4.8 kW Load]: 47.4 V
o Battery Discharge rate 50 A [~ 2.4 kW Load] : 47.9 V
o Battery Discharge rate 20 A [~ 0.96 kW Load] : 48.1 V
• Batteries should be connected in parallel if more than one LiFePO4 battery is to be used. Care should be
given for cable sizes and copper busbars should be used if large currents are drawn.
The following settings can be used on the Axpert inverters for TSP LiFePO4 batteries:
Setting Description Value TSP 4kW /5kW –
Menu Item No.
Sacolar / Growatt–
Menu Item No.
Discharge Priority SBU 01 01
Total Charge Current 20A per battery 02 02
Battery Type USE 05 05
Utility Charge Current 20A per battery 11 11
Back to Utility 47.7 V (if generator is used, set to 51V) 12 12
Back to Battery 51.0 V (if generator is used, set to 52V) 13 13
Charge Priority SnU 16 14
Charge Voltage 51.6 V 26 19
Floating Voltage 51.5 V 27 20
Battery Cut-off 46.4 V (Alarm will sound from 47.4 V) 29 21

The following settings can be used on the TSP 5.5 kVa / 5.5 kW high voltage inverter.
Setting Description Value TSP 5.5 kVa / 5.5 kW – Menu Item
Discharge and Charge priority PUL or PAL 01
Battery Type USE 04
Bulk Charge Voltage 51.6 V 05
Floating Charge Voltage 51.5 V 06
Low Voltage Alarm 47.7 V (33% SoC) 07
Low Voltage Cut-off 46.4 V 08
AC Charge Current 20A per battery 10
Total Charge Current 20A per battery 13
Battery Full Voltage 51.0 V 14
Custom battery cable from battery RS485 to inverter RS485 with the above settings

Solar Panels 410Watt

HiKU Super High Power Poly PERC module

Super High-Efficiency Poly PERC  Module (CS3W-395-415P)

With proprietary poly wafer and cell technologies, Canadian Solar has developed an extraordinary module. HiKu is the first poly module exceeding 400 W and thus reaches one of the highest poly module power outputs in the solar industry. Combining the best technology and design also reduces LCOE and installation costs.


  • 24% more power than conventional modules
  • Up to 4.5% lower LCOE and up to 2.7% lower system cost



  • Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature
  • Cell crack risk is limited to the smaller areas of the cell
  • Innovative symmetrical module design means better shading tolerance
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400Pa and increased wind load up to 3600Pa
These panels have an output cable length of 1.3M


Solar lithium battery

Shoto 5.12kwh Lithium-Ion Battery with more than 5000 cycles with 90% DOD and 10+ years design life.

Shoto 5.12kwh Lithium-Ion Battery.
Model: 51.2-100.
Nominal Capacity (kWh): 5.12.
Depth of Charge: 90%.
Usable Capacity (kWh): 4.6.
Cycle Life: ≥5000 @25 Cº.
Charge Voltage (V): 57.6.
Discharge Voltage (V): 48.
Nominal Voltage (V): 51.2.
Max Parallel Quantity (Pcs): 16.
Charge/Discharge Current (A): Recommend 50 (0.5C) Max 100 (1C).
Communication Port: RS485 & CAN.
Weight (Kg): 43.
Dimensions (W*H*D) mm: 442*133*420.
Certificate: TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3.


Canadian Solar




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