Growatt 3kw Starter Solar Bundle


Growatt 3kw solar starter package
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Growatt 3kw Starter Solar Bundle

The Growatt 3kw starter solar bundle is a great solar package to start converting your home to solar power.

The Growatt 3kw starter solar bundle can effectively power:

  • 1x – fridge
  • 15x – lights
  • 1x – TV/Laptop
  • 1x – Router
  • 1x – Doorbell
  • Charge a smartphone

The Growatt 3kw starter solar bundle includes the following solar DC components:

  • 1 x – Growatt 3KW, 24V.
  • 2 x – Canadian 305W Solar Panels.
  • 2 x – 100Ah Gel Batteries.
  • 1 x – AC Protection.
  • 1 x – 24V Cable Pack.
  • 40M x Solar Cable.
  • 1 x – MC4 Connector.
  • 2M x 16mm Battery Cable.
  • 2 x – 25mm Lugs.
  • Complete Mounting System For Tile/IBR Roof.


Must 100Ah Solar Gel Battery Features:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Able to operate at 60°C
  • Integrated design to ensure the best
  • uniformity and reliability
  • Long life and high stability under
  • high temp. environment (no air-con
  • needed)
  • Use super-C additives: Deep
  • Discharge recovery capability

24V 3kw Growatt inverter

· Integrated MPPT charge controller
· Configurable grid or solar input priority
· Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring
· Parallel for scalability


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