7.2kw 10kwh Kodak Package


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7.2kw 10kwh Kodak solar conversion package

  • 7.2kw system
  • 10kwh battery / 8kwh at 80% DoD
  • 16x 385Watt Mono Solar Panels

Before placing an order, please specify your roof type as the solar panel mountings should be reconfigured based on different roof types. Also, please get in touch with us for stock availability or delivery costs related to this package. 


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7.2kw 10kwh Kodak Package Overview

The 7.2kw 10kwh Kodak Package consists of a KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2kW 48V inverter with 16 JA Solar 385W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Black Frame Dark Cell MC4 modules and Freedom Won Lite Home 10/8 LiFePO4 Battery N.

The 7.2kw 10kwh Kodak package can discharge a maximum 7560W of AC energy for powering household loads. If fully charged, the battery would sustain that rate for about 1 hour. In order to maximize the performance of the 7.2kw 10kwh Kodak package, it is best to discharge the battery slower by avoiding high peak loads.

If you require the battery capacity to last longer, consider choosing or adding a higher capacity battery, or increasing the quantity of PV modules, would increase the amount of energy available to charge the battery.

7.2kw 10kwh Kodak Package includes:


Qty Description
16 JA Solar 385W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Black Frame Dark Cell MC4
1 Dektite Lead Multicable Solar Flashing (Tiled or Slate)
8 End Clamp+ 30 – 50mm Black
28 Middle Clamp+ 31 – 51mm Black
5 Wood screw pan head 6 x 80 (Bag of 21)
44 Roof hook UK Plain tiles/slates (without wood screw)
8 VarioSole + End Cap 41X35 rail Single – Grey
4 VarioSole+ Rail connector for rail 41 x 35 mm
8 VarioSole+ Mounting rail 41 x 35 x 4400 mm
1 MC4 Pre terminated cable 2m (Pack of 2)
1 MC4 Connector Twin Pack ( Kit 1 )
1 Helukabel 4mm2 single-core DC cable 25m – Black and Red
1 PV on Roof and Hazard Labels Pack
1 KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2kW 48V
1 600V Protection Box 2 Inputs 2 Outputs 16A Isolator Type I_II SPD
1 Freedom Won Lite Home 10/8 LiFePO4 Battery N
1 KETO Battery Disconnector with 125A Fuses


For any additional components such as a changeover switch, please contact our team for a custom quotation.

For the Kodak 7.2kw inverter:

When using a battery bank with less than 7200W continuous discharge, please ensure Program 41 is set according to the continuous discharge current of battery bank. ie. 1x FL5.2 battery = 100A discharge. Then set program 41 = 100A


Panel – JA Solar 385W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Black Frame Dark Cell

Panel Specifications
Number of panels: 16
Rating: 385 Wp
Length: 1,776 mm
Width: 1,052 mm
Voc at STC: 41.78 V
Vmpp at STC: 35.04 V
Impp at STC: 10.99 A
Array Specifications
Array Power: 6,160 Wp



Solar Panel Array Design

Inverter – KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2kW 48V


Phases: 1
No. of MPPT: 2
Rated AC Power: 7,200 W
Max DC
Current: 36.00 A
Voltage: 500V
PP Voltage
Min: 90 V
Max: 450 V



Electrical – KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2kW 48V

Quantity: 1

String Quantity: 2

Strings1 * (1×8 / 1×8)

String Voc at +80C: 284.24 / 284.24 V

String Voc at -15C: 370.61 / 370.61 V

String Vmpp at +80°C: 226.36 / 226.36 V

String Vmpp at +0°C: 304.85 / 304.85 V

Input Isc at +80°C: 11.85 A

Input Impp at +80°C: 11.29 A

Distance to Array: 12 m

Cable Area: 4 mm2

Voltage Drop: 0.75 %

Storage – Freedom Won Lite Home 10/8 LiFePO4 Battery N

System Type:  Full Hybrid

Type of Battery:  Lithium Ion

Usable Battery Capacity:  10000 Wh

Voltage:  48 V

Max Charge Rate (5 Minutes):  10000 W

Max Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):  15000 W




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