5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit


5kw Synapse 7kwh complete solar conversion package

For off-grid solar installations

  • 7kwh battery storage
  • 5kw solar system
  • 6x 535Watt solar panels

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5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills or sitting in the dark during power outages? We have the perfect and affordable solar conversion package for you!

Convert your home to solar power with the complete 5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit from JC Solar Panels.

We provide an excellent price on the 5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit to best suit your budget.

The 5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit offers a 5kw Synapse inverter, 2x 3.5kwh lithium-ion solar storage, 525 Watt monocrystalline solar panels as well as all the mountings and fuses.

The 5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit is made to be ready for installation by professional solar installers.

The 5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit is an affordable solar solution to beat load-shedding and is available to all areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.


5kw Synapse 7kwh solar kit includes:


  • 1x  –  Synapse 5kW Off-grid Inverter 48V DC, 80A MPPT



  • 2x  –  Synapse 3.55kWH 48V Li-ion battery, Rack Mount


PV panels (Solar Panels)

  • 6x  –  JA Solar Solar Panel 535W Mono MBB Half-Cell


Solar panel cables & connectors

  • 50x  –  Zonn Kabel Solar Cable EN50618 6mm² 1.5kV Black
  • 50x  –  Zonn Kabel Solar Cable EN50618 6mm² 1.5kV Red
  • 10x  –  Staubli PV-KBT4-EVO 2/6I-UR Female MC4 1500Vdc
  • 10 x  –  Staubli PV-KBT4-EVO 2/6I-UR Male MC4 1500Vdc


Solar DC Combiner Box

  • 1x  –  IDE Surface mount DB, ABS, 1×12 Way 246x310x148mm IP65
  • 6x  –  Bussmann Fuse Holder 1Pole 1000Vdc 10×38
  • 6x  –  15 AMP Fuses 10X38 1000VDC
  • 1x  –  CITEL SPD Type2 130-180Vdc 40kA + Remote Signaling
  • 1x  –  NOARK DC MCB’s Ex9BP-N 2Pole 25A 6kA


Battery Bank

  • 1x  –  Pylon US3000-2G Cabinet 2 Batteries
  • 1x  –  Pronutec Size NH00 3Pole 160A Fuse Disconnector Panel Mount
  • 2x  –  NH00 Fuse 160A
  • 5x  –  Permoweld Welding Cable 50mm² BLACK
  • 5x  –  Permoweld Welding Cable 50mm² RED
  • 10x  –  Lug 50X8 Cu Non Insulated
  • 1x  –  Cable kit 1, HV + LV (Synapse Li-ion battery cable)


Mounting Structuret

  • 4x  –  Lizard Aluminum Profile 4.35M V3
  • 4x  –  Lizard End Clamp 30-50mm – Not Assembled
  • 10x  –  Lizard Centre Clamp 30-50mm – Not Assembled
  • 2x  –  Lizard Profile Joiner for 10101 / 10103
  • 6x  –  Lizard U-Earthing Clamp
  • 14x  –  Lizard Tile Roof Support

If you have a different roof, please get in touch with our team at jcsolarpanels@gmail.com and we will provide you with the correct roof mounting kit.



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