5kw Sunforce 7.2kwh Solar Kit


5kw Sunforce 7.2kwh Solar Kit

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5kw Sunforce 7.2kwh Solar Kit includes:



1x Sunforce 5kw 450VDC Off-Grid Inverter with Wi-Fi and Parallel
8x Canadian 410watt Solar Panels
2x Dyness 3.6kwh lithium-ion batteries & cable pack
1x AC Protection box
1x AC Protection box
1x Merson DC disconnector
1x Communications cable
100m 6mm Solar Cable
3x MC4 Connectors
4x 25mm lugs
1m 16mm battery cable
1x Prefab Inverter board + Battery cabinet
1x Complete mounting kit for IRB & Tile roof types



5KW INVERTER Features:

Remote Monitoring
Check how your solar system is performing with remote monitoring the CubeWiFi/CubeGPRS accessory is great for understanding your energy consumption.


Parallel Option
Expandable by adding up to 6 units in parallel making this inverter more versatile than the more expensive brands such as the popular Goodwe that doesn’t support parallel operations.


Completely Autonomous
Keep the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort. This solar 5kw inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when, it knows how much energy from each source there is and utilizes it accordingly.


System Connection
This is a multi-function machine, combining functions of a 5kw inverter, MPPT solar charger, and UPS module to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. This inverter can work with or without batteries. With the CubeWiFi/CubeGPRS accessory, you can monitor the status anytime anywhere.


Configurable AC/ solar input priority via LCD setting
Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring
Configurable charging parameter, suitable for all kinds of rechargeable battery
Parallel operation with up to 6 units
Can work with battery or without battery


Solar Inverter Guide
Understanding the Pure Sine Wave, Modified Sine Wave, and Off-Grid Inverters


DYNESS 3.6KWH Lithium-ion battery

  • Application:

    The Dyness battery B4874 module is widely used in energy storage and electrical products.  Household Energy Storage  systems; Centralised power station energy storage systems

    Intelligent Management:

    • Dyness is equipped with intelligent BMS  for each battery pack to manage modules effectively.
    • Compared with the traditional module, B4874 can meet the capacity storage and greatly enhance the cycle life.


    • Safe  lithium iron  phosphate battery cell
    • Compact size ultralight module


    • Each module is equipped with an independent BMS system


      • Nominal Energy: 3.552kWh
      • Nominal Capacity: 74Ah
      • Nominal Voltage: 48V
      • Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 50A
      • Max. Continuous Charge Current: 50A
      • Charging Cut-Off Vol: 54V
      • Discharging End-Off Vol: 40.5V
      • Net Weight: 30kg
      • Dimensions (W*D*H): 480*360*133.5mm
      • Protection Level: IP20
      • Calendar Life: 6000 Cycles
      • Charging Temperature Range: 0~50ºC
      • Discharging Temperature Range: -20~50ºC
      • Communication: CAN / RS485
      • Configuration: up to 142kWh total energy, 40 modules parallel at most
      • Recommend C Rate: 0.5C
      • Warranty: 10 years



Canadian Solar




Canadian 410W Datasheet

Dyness 3.6kwh Datasheet

Sunforce Inverter Datasheet


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