5kw Must Solar Economical Kit


5kw Must solar energy conversion kit

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5kw Must Economical Solar Conversion Kit includes:

  • 1 x MUST hybrid inverter / 5KW 48V/80AMP MPPT
  • 4 x MUST 100AH gel batteries
  • 1 x 48v cable pack with DC disconnector
  • 2m X 25mm Battery cable
  • 2 x 35mm Battery lugs
  • 1 x AC protection box
  • 6 x CNB Solar 330 watt solar panels
  • 100M x 6mm Solar cable
  • 3 x MC4 connectors
  • 1 x MC4 Y splitter
  • 1 x PV combiner 1in-1out
  • Complete mounting system for tile or IBR roof


Devices the 5kw Must Solar Economical Kit can power:

1x – Microwave

2x – Fridges

30x-  Standard lights

2x – Televisions

1x – Internet router

1x – CCTV camera

1x – Doorbell

1x – Toaster

1x – kettle


The warranty period on MUST Inverter is 2 years.


The 5kw Must Complete Solar Kit is an affordable solution to upgrade your home to a 5kw solar power system.

This 5kw Must Solar Economical Kit has a multi-functional inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support in portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


5kw Must Solar Economical Kit Inverter Features:

  • Pure sine wave solar inverter.
  • Output power factor 1.
  • High PV input voltage range.
  • Built-in 80A MPPT solar charger.
  • Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle.
  • Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment.


General features of the 100AH battery:

  • Environmentally friendly
    Able to operate at 60°C.
  • Integrated design to ensure the best
    uniformity and reliability.
  • Long life and high stability under
    high temp environment (no air-con
  • Use super-C additives: Deep
    discharge recovery capability.

High Efficiency Poly PERC Half-Cell Module panels included in this solar powered system. With Canadian Solar’s industry leading poly-PERC cell technology and the innovative LIC (Low Internal Current) module technology, we are now able to offer our global customers high power poly percium modules up to 300 W.


The KuPower poly modules have the following unique features in the solar power system:

  • Higher power classes for equivalent module sizes.
  • High module efficiency up to 18.11 %.
  • LOW hot spot temperature risk
  • LOW temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.39 % / °C.
  • LOW NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature): 43 ± 2 °C.
  • Power Range: up to 305 W.
  • Cell: 120 x dual-cell Percium Poly, 156 x 78 mm.


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Must Inverter Datasheet


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