5kw Luxpower 4.8kwh Pylon Bundle Tile Roof

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5kw Luxpower 4.8kwh Pylon Bundle Tile Roof


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5kw Luxpower 4.8kwh Pylon Bundle Tile Roof


Pylontech product details

  •   Modular design for ease of expansion
  • Higher usable capacity resulting in fewer battery modules installed
  • Usable capacity 4 560Wh
  • Parallel Capability of up to 16 units
  • Allows for a large installation of up to 72.96kWh with no LV Hub
  • Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
  • 95% DoD with a more usable capacity
  • RS485 and CAN compatible Pylontech



Weight:42 kg

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Nominal Energy:4800 W

hDepth of discharge:95.00 %

Voltage:48 V

Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use):2400 W

Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):3600 W

Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds):4320 W

Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes):3600 W


Luxpower inverter description

SNA5000 serial off-grid inverter can support the system to work as backup power or a replacement of diesel generator. Since the inverter support paralleling function, the capacity of the system can range from 3kW to 50kW. The inverter support working modes.

Pure Off-grid working mode: working as a traditional off-grid inverter, can set the output to utility first, battery first, or solar first.

Hybrid working mode: Working as a hybrid, support solar and utility jointly take the load, can set to the self-consumption mode or charge priority node.


Canadian Solar



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