5kw Deye 7.2kwh Dyness Solar Kit


5kw Deye 7.2kwh Dyness Solar Kit

This kit is ideal to power the essential electrical appliances during load shedding and spare your electrical devices from being damaged when the power fails or comes back on again. Also, the 5kw Deye 7.2kwh Dyness Solar Kit saves you a great amount of money on your monthly electrical bills. This 5kw Deye 7.2kwh Dyness Solar Kit is scalable and the inverter allows for parallel connections to 10kw or bigger. Invest in solar today with this excellent kit and save yourself a large amount of money on electrical expenses and the burden of power outages.

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5kw Deye 7.2kwh Dyness Solar Kit


Qty Description
1 Deye 5kw Hybrid inverter with Wifi monitoring
10 Canadian Solar 435Watt solar panels
2 Dyness 3.6kwh lithium-ion batteries
1 AC protection box with a changeover switch included
1 PV4 Combiner box
1 Dyness Cable Pack
1 160A Disconnector
1 Communications Cable
8 MC4 Connectors
4 25mm Lugs
100 6mm Solar Cable red and black
1 Mounting kit for solar panels on a tile roof.



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