5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit


5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit

Freedom Lite 10/8 battery

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5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit

The 5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit provides your home with solar power to power your electrical devices using solar power. The 5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit is a cost effective solar solution to convert your house to solar power. 10kwh battery storage power is roughly compared to 10 Eskom units therefore, the battery can provide 10 units of power without solar panels, such as in the evenings to power your appliances. However, the battery should be discharged only up to 80% which gives you a total of 8kwh battery storage. Also, the Sorotec solar inverter will provide 5.5kw of power for your appliances and can accommodate a solar PV array of up to 4500Watts. The Sorotec inverter also allows you to expand your solar system by allowing you to connect up to 6 of these solar inverters in a parallel configuration.


5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit includes:

  • 1 x 5.5kw Sorotec inverter incl wifi.
  • 6 x Canadian 305w solar panels.
  • 4 x 3.3m Rails.
  • 4 x End clamps.
  • 10 x Mid clamps.
  • 12 x Roof hooks.
  • 50m x 6mm Solar cable.
  • 1 x Freedom won 10/8.
  • 1 x Comms cable.
  • 3 x MC4 connectors.
  • 1 x pvc1 combiner.
  • 1 x Metal ac protection.
  • 2 x Battery lugs.


5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit Inverter


1. Touch screen display
2.PV and utility power take the load at same time(can setting)
3.Output power factor PF=1.0
4.On&Off Grid with energy storage
5.Energy generated record, load record, history information and fault record
6.Language and time setting
7.Structure with dust filter
8.AC charging and AC output time setting
9.Charging voltage and charging current timing
10.External Wi-Fi device optional
11.Parallel operation with up to 6 units only available for 3kW/4kW/5kW
12.Connected with battery optional
13.Wide PV input range 120-450VDC
14.Independent CPU
15.MAX PV Array power 4500W
16.Solar and Utility supply power to the load when solar power is not sufficient to load


5.5kw Sorotec 10kwh Freedom Solar Kit battery

The Freedom Won LiFePO4 battery is the perfect high quality battery for all your residential and industrial solar solutions. The range is from 5KWh to 80KWh batteries.

  • battery is compatible with most inverters on the market
  •  these batteries can be expanded by adding more batteries in parallel
  • 10 year warranty ( 4000 cycles)
  • 5000 w/h
  • 90% depth of discharge
  • 48v
  • max charge rate 5000w
  • max discharge rate 15000w

There are many advantages to using a li-ion cell of battery. As a result the technology is being used increasingly for a huge number of widely varying applications. Everything from small electronic devices, through smartphones and laptops to vehicles and many other applications.
The advantages of Li-ion technology mean that these batteries are finding an increasing number of applications, and as a result a huge amount of development is being invested into them.
The li-ion battery advantages include:
High energy density:   The high energy density is one of the chief advantages of lithium ion battery technology. With electronic equipment such as mobile phones needing to operate longer between charges while still consuming more power, there is always a need to batteries with a much higher energy density. In addition to this, there are many power applications from power tools to electric vehicles. The much higher power density offered by lithium ion batteries is a distinct advantage. Electric vehicles also need a battery technology that has a high energy density.
Self-discharge:   One issue with many rechargeable batteries is the self discharge rate. Lithium ion cells is that their rate of self-discharge is much lower than that of other rechargeable cells such as Ni-Cad and NiMH forms. It is typically around 5% in the first 4 hours after being charged but then falls to a figure of around 1 or 2% per month.
Low maintenance:   One major lithium ion battery advantage is that they do not require and maintenance to ensure their performance.
Ni-Cad cells required a periodic discharge to ensure that they did not exhibit the memory effect. As this does not affect lithium ion cells, this process or other similar maintenance procedures are not required. Likewise lead acid cells require maintenance, some needing the battery acid to be topped up periodically.


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