5.5kw Economical Solar Kit


5.5kw Gel battery Solar Kit

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The 5.5kw Economical Solar Kit includes:


The solar system includes:
1 SOROTEC 5.5KW REVO-ll Solar Inverter Wifi included
6 Canadian 305w solar panels
4 3.3M rail
4 End clamps
10 Mid clamps
12 Roof hooks
50M 6mm Solar cable
1 DC disconnector 160AMP
2 MC4 connectors
1 AC protection box
4 100AH gel batteries
12 Battery lugs
6M Battery cable


Key Features of the solar system inverter:

The 5.5kw Economical Solar Kit is high powered.

1. Touch screen display.
2. PV and utility power take the load at same time(can setting).
3. Output power factor PF=1.0.
4. On & Off Grid with energy storage.
5. Energy generated record, load record, history information and fault record.
6. Language and time setting.
7. Structure with dust filter.
8. AC charging and AC output time setting.
9. Charging voltage and charging current timing.
10. External Wi-Fi device optional.
11. Parallel operation with up to 6 units only available for 3kW/4kW/5kW.
12. Connected with battery optional.
13. Wide PV input range 120-450VDC.
14. Independent CPU.
15. MAX PV Array power 4500W.
16. Solar and Utility supply power to the load when solar power is not sufficient to load.


Key features of the solar system battery bank:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Able to operate at 60°C.
  • Integrated design to ensure the best.
  • uniformity and reliability.
  • Long life and high stability under
  • high temp environment (no air-con
  • Use super-C additives: Deep
    discharge recovery capability.

JA Solar Large Wafer PERC Mono Half-Cell Multi Bus Bar Module features of the solar system:

  • High output power.
  • Low shading effect.
  • Lower temperature coefficient.
  • Better mechanical loading.


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