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5kw Deye 5kwh Volta Solar Bundle

5kw Deye 5kwh Volta Solar Bundle

Original price was: R90,880.11.Current price is: R89,304.30. Incl. VAT

5kw Deye 5kwh Volta Solar Bundle
Original price was: R18,999.00.Current price is: R17,423.19. Incl. VAT
R1,982.84 Incl. VAT
R18,597.58 Incl. VAT
R3,448.85 Incl. VAT
R4,345.00 Incl. VAT
R2,127.50 Incl. VAT
R469.30 Incl. VAT
R195.50 Incl. VAT
R195.50 Incl. VAT
R18.19 Incl. VAT
R192.14 Incl. VAT
R165.25 Incl. VAT
8KW Solar System Installation Cost
1 × 5kw Standard solar system Installation
R16,100.00 Incl. VAT
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5kw Deye 5kwh Volta Solar Bundle

Standard Installation Service from JC Solar Panels

Our standard installation service is available exclusively for single-story buildings in the Gauteng area. For multiple story buildings, please inquire for a custom quotation. This comprehensive package includes:

  • Certificate of Compliance: Ensures that the installation meets all regulatory standards.
  • Delivery of Components: We handle the transportation of all solar system components to your site.
  • Travel Costs: Covered as part of the service within Gauteng.
  • AC Cable: Up to 15 meters provided.
  • Earthing Cable and Spike: Essential for system safety and performance.
  • Trunking and Additional Sundries: All necessary extras are included to complete the installation.

Please note that the installation cost is specifically for the scope of setting up the solar system and does not cover any additional work outside this framework.






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