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12kw Sunsynk 21.3kWh Solar System

12kw Sunsynk 21.3kWh Solar System

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12kw Sunsynk 21.3 kWh Solar System

  • Includes installation for Gauteng. 
  • Installation includes labor, delivery, AC cabling, and sundries.
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8KW Solar System Installation Cost
1 × 12kw Standard solar Installation
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Fully installed 12kw Sunsynk 21.3kWh Solar System Solution

Experience Complete Energy Independence

The Sunsynk 12KW Solar System with 21.3KWh Battery Storage is your all-in-one solution for achieving energy independence and efficiency. This robust system combines powerful solar production with reliable energy storage to keep your home powered day and night.


Bundle Includes:

  • 1x Sunsynk 12KW Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter: Optimize your energy usage with this advanced hybrid inverter, capable of managing both solar input and battery storage seamlessly.
  • 2x Sunsynk 10.65KWh LFP Battery: Store excess solar energy with our high-performance Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, ensuring durability and a longer life span.
  • 3x 250A Battery Fused Disconnector: Provides essential safety measures for your system, enabling safe maintenance and operation.
  • 1x AC Protection Box: Specially rated for a 12KW inverter to safeguard your setup from electrical surges and faults.
  • 24x 555-Watt Mono Solar Panels: High-efficiency panels designed to maximize sunlight capture, increasing your daily energy production.
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structure: Durable and robust mounting structure to secure panels on various roofing types.
  • PV Combiner Box: Streamlines the connection of multiple solar panel outputs, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • Cabling and Connectors: All necessary wiring and connectors are included to facilitate a smooth installation.


Key Features:

  • Fully Integrated System: Designed to work together seamlessly, each component enhances the overall efficiency and output of the system.
  • High Energy Output: Generate and store significant amounts of power, reducing reliance on grid electricity and lowering utility bills.
  • Expandable and Flexible: The system is built to allow for future expansions, such as additional batteries or solar panels, adapting to your changing energy needs.


Why Choose This Bundle?

  • Sustainability: Harness the power of the sun to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a greener lifestyle.
  • Cost Efficiency: Minimize your electricity expenses with a system that can cover significant portions, if not all, of your energy needs.
  • Reliability: Backed by leading technology and robust components, this system promises durability and consistent performance.

Transform the way you power your home with the Sunsynk 12KW Solar System with 21.3KWh Battery Storage. Available now at JC Solar Panels, this bundle is perfect for homeowners seeking to make a significant impact on their energy use and environmental footprint.


Standard Installation Service from JC Solar Panels

Our standard installation service is available exclusively for single-story buildings in the Gauteng area. For multiple-story buildings, please inquire for a custom quotation. This comprehensive package includes:

  • Certificate of Compliance: Ensures that the installation meets all regulatory standards.
  • Delivery of Components: We transport all solar system components to your site.
  • Travel Costs: Covered as part of the service within Gauteng.
  • AC Cable: Up to 15 meters provided.
  • Earthing Cable and Spike: Essential for system safety and performance.
  • Trunking and Additional Sundries: All necessary extras are included to complete the installation.

Please note that the installation cost is specifically for the scope of setting up the solar system and does not cover any additional work outside this framework.




Discover the Sunsynk range of inverters and batteries, available at JC Solar Panels, designed to provide top-tier energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Sunsynk products are renowned for their efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology, making them ideal for anyone looking to optimize their energy systems. Sunsynk's inverters are at the forefront of solar technology. These versatile devices are compatible with a broad range of battery types and integrate seamlessly with existing solar setups.


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