Revov Cube All-In-One Backup System



Solar panels can be added to this system

Compact fully integrated all-in-one backup system perfect for small businesses and homes. REVOV CUBE comes in two storage sizes 5kWh/10kWh with either one or two of REVOV’s preprogrammed 2nd LiFe R100 batteries, a pre-cabled BMS, and a 5Kw inverter with 80A MPPT.

The REVOV CUBE powers all your home essentials when the backup is needed. SIMPLY ADD Solar panels at a later stage or when needed and convert to an Off-GRID system. Simply add an additional LI-ION battery and double your capacity to 10KW. This modular unit is all you need to be independent of the national supplier.

Its cubed shape makes it easy to fit under any counter space and it’s housed and protected in a glass-fronted case, keeping it clean and dust-free. Making the complete 5.1kWh/10.2kWh CUBE unit incredible for residential or small businesses requiring backup power.

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Revov Cube All-In-One Backup System


The REVOV CUBE is a compact, fully integrated, and all-in-one backup system with preprogrammed batteries, a pre-cabled BMS, and a 5kW inverter with 80A MPPT.
This UPS comes in 2 storage sizes with either one or two of the REVOV 2nd LiFe R100 batteries. The entire unit contains all the necessary wiring and correct fusing, thereby making it quick to install and easy to store in a neat 19-inch racked unit. Its cubed shape makes it easy to fit under any counter height space, typically found in offices or homes. The complete 5.1kWh / 10.2kWh units are perfect for residential or small business requiring backup power such as call centers, and it is housed and protected in a steel cabinet, keeping them clean and dust-free. This DC system stores energy detects grid status and automatically supplies your home when the national grid is compromised.

The CUBE is a 5kVA/10.2kWh or 5kVA/5.1kWh Pre-configured Backup power supply with an immediate transition from electricity to battery power.

  • Compatible for Solar Panels with built-in MPPT solar charge controller 80A.
  • No maintenance or fuel required creates no fumes or noise.
  • Warranted for daily cycling with built-in protection
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Output- long-lasting and safe, will not damage your appliances
  • Fast charging from the grid (or solar).
  • Optional remote monitoring function.
  • Three-phase configurations are available on request (3 CUBE units). Note: The CUBE is not IP rated so the unit must be installed indoors.

Revov Cube Battery Management System:

  • Cell and battery voltage maintenance.
  • Cell, ambient, and MOSFET temperature monitoring.
  • LCD display of the battery performance.
  • Cells balancing intelligence.
  • Watchdog protection for safe charge and discharge operation of current and voltage


  • Storage Size 200Ah  /100Ah
  • Energy Capacity 10.2kWh  / 5.1kWh
  • Recommended Charge Current 80A  / 40A
  • Recommended Recharge Time 4 hrs @ 40A  / 2hrs @ 40A
  • Single Phase Output 220 – 240VAC
  • Available Depth of Discharge 100% Round Trip Inverter
  • Efficiency 90% Max Peak Power Output 5kW PV
  • Operating Voltage 60 – 130VDC
  • Max PV Charge Current 80A Max
  • PV Array Power 4000w Maximum PV Array
  • Open Circuit Voltage 145VDC
  • Unit Size: L x W x H 600 mm x 600mm x 635mm Unit Weight 124kg  / 82kg


  • Nominal Capacity 200Ah  / 100Ah
  • Nominal Energy 10.2kWh  / 5.1kWh
  • Nominal Voltage 51.2V
  • Maintenance Charge the battery every 6 months when not in use Design Life + 25 C (<- make degrees) 5000+ cycles
  • Operating Temperature 0-45C
  • Transport Regulation UN3480
  • Storage Temperature -10oC-+45oC (< 6 months, SOC: 20%-60%)


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 635 mm
Storage Size

5kw, 10kw


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