Must Starter 3kw Lithium Backup Kit


Must Starter 3kw Lithium Backup Kit

This kit is for power outages or homes with a smaller electrical load. This kit is not ideal for going off the grid and for people looking to scale the system in the future. More batteries can be added as well as solar panels, but for more inverter power, we will recommend a larger 5kw inverter for scalability.

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Must Starter 3kw Lithium Backup Kit includes:

1 x Must 3kw 80amp off-grid inverter
2 x 100Ah Lithium-ion batteries
1 x 24v cable pack
1 x AC protection breaker box
4 x 25mm battery lugs
2m x 16mm battery cable


3kw MUST inverter features:
  • Pure sine wave solar inverter.
  • Output power factor 1.
  • High PV input voltage range.
  • Built-in 80A MPPT solar charger.
  • Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle.
  • Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment.

1. The appearance size is greatly reduced
2. Added LED power display
3. Added switch button
4. The five-year warranty cannot be achieved for the plastic housing, we replaced it with 304 stainless steel
5. The entire product achieves IP67
6. The heat dissipation capacity of the product is greatly improved, and the whole battery supports 1C charge and discharge
7. For external terminals, we have made a quick connection configuration, which is convenient to use and insulated at the same time
8. Stainless steel handles on both sides, 3000 vibrations in three directions will not be a problem
9. The battery supports up to 4 external connections in series, up to 51.2V






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