3kw Eco Gel Backup Kit


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3kw Eco Gel Backup Kit

This kit is great for keeping LED lights, a router and smaller essential electrical appliances on during load-shedding. This kit contains 2x 100Ah gel batteries which will produce a total of 2400 watt hours divided by 50% for the DoD on Gel batteries, will give you 1200Wh or 1.2kw for one hour (1.2 Eskom units) of available power to use during loadshedding.


1x Sunforce 3kw 24Volt Off-Grid inverter

2x 100Ah Gel batteries

1x AC Protection box with AC I/O Breakers and surge protection.

1x 24V cable

2m x 16mm battery cable

4x 25mm lugs

1x 100/2 battery cabinet

1x DC Disconnector switch.


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