410 Watt JA Solar Mono Panel


Ja solar 410w mono MBB Percium half-cell silver frame mc4

The JA Solar 410W Mono PERC Half Cell – JAM72S10-410/PR is a 410W monocrystalline module with 144 Half-Cell technology. JA Solar offers a high-efficiency module with PERC cells which, thanks to its half-cell configuration, offers high power output, better temperature coefficient, lower efficiency loss against shading, and higher resistance to mechanical loads. 410 Watt JA Solar Mono Panels comes with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear output warranty.

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410 Watt JA Solar Mono Panel


The JA Solar 410W solar panel is a monocrystalline PERC module, ideal for self-consumption and industrial solar installations that want to obtain maximum power per square meter. High-quality and resistant modules, made of monocrystalline silicon with an anodized aluminum frame.

JA solar’s new high-efficiency panels have 9 busbar technology in its 144 split cells, avoiding current losses and providing maximum performance even when the module is affected by partial shadows.

JA solar panels of 410W and 144 cells can be combined with any solar inverter on the market as well as with the latest generation of lithium batteries, as well as with traditional lead-acid and GEL/AGM batteries with their corresponding charge regulator. In South Africa, we offer solar panels of recognized worldwide prestige as well as in all its components, both in its solar inverters, solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries for solar installations.

JA SOLAR Co Ltd is a multinational company with great experience in the photovoltaic sector. Ja Solar has a quality department that has enabled it to obtain the strictest warranty and performance certificates. In addition, the company has a large R&D team that has allowed it to develop great advances and manufacture modules that incorporate the latest technology on the market.

Panel dimensions: 2015*996*40mm | Weight: 22.7Kg.

Ideal for both off-grid and grid-connected solar photovoltaic installations. These panels stand out for their incredible quality/price ratio.


Features of JA Solar Panel 410W Mono PERC Half Cell – JAM72S10-410/PR


Half Cell Technology – 9 busbar

The 410W monocrystalline JA solar panel features 9-busbar technology together with shorter half-cell cells connected internally in two series of strings. It reduces current losses and increases performance even when the module is affected by partial shading.


Power and performance even in low light conditions

JA solar’s monocrystalline modules offer an excellent response even in extreme temperature conditions or low solar radiation, such as on cloudy days, at dawn or dusk.


High environmental adaptability

The advanced, textured glass surface of the photovoltaic cells offers unsurpassed resistance to high levels of sea salt, ammonia, dust, or sand.


Longer service life due to mechanical robustness

JA solar panels withstand up to 5400Pa load in snow and 2400Pa load in wind.


410W Solar Panel Mono Percium MBB Half-Cell – JA Solar Applications


Buying a solar panel JAM72S10-410/PR of the JA solar brand has several applications. It can be applied in self-consumption solar installations for grid connection and in isolated installations always with its corresponding solar regulator and solar inverter. Applications in solar installations in residential homes, the industrial sector, and in the agricultural sector in solar water pumping installations. The great advantage of these high-efficiency JA solar panels is that thanks to their output power of up to 410W, they can be used in installations where space is limited and we want to obtain maximum performance per square meter.


JA Solar

Additional information

Rated Power:




Number of cells:

144 (6×24)

Conversion Efficiency:



996mm x 2,015mm x 40mm




Silver Frame, White back-sheet

Nominal Max Power (Pmax):






Short Circuit Current (Isc):


Open-circuit voltage (Voc):


Junction box:

IP68, 3-diodes

Temp. Coefficient (Mpp):

-0.35 %

Clamp position on panel:

Long and short side

Connector Type:

MC4 and 1200mm long cables

Manufacturer warranty:

12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear output warranty






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