3000W pure sine wave power inverter


3000W Pure Sine Wave Power INVERTER – 12V DC TO 220V AC
  • Convert DC battery power (12V) to 220V AC, pure sine wave power which is the same as your utility power at home.
  • Continuous output power for running a wide range of appliances and electronic equipment: TV, computer, lights, fridge, freezer, pumps, fans, and all your household electrical appliances
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There are 2 ways of using the 3000W pure sine wave power inverter


1. Charge from mains power –  From the mains power ( wall socket) into a smart battery charger,  the charger goes into the battery and the battery connects to the inverter, you can then plug appliances into the inverter when there is no power


2. Charge from Solar panels – From the solar panel into a charge controller, the controller connects to the battery and the battery connects to the inverter, you can then plug appliances into the inverter

Pure Sine Wave inverter will convert 12V or 24V DC battery power (Car, boat & solar system batteries) to 220V AC “Ture Sine Wave” power. Pure Sine Wave is exactly the same as the 220V wall power at home.

This power inverter can provide uninterrupted power supply during outages and can be used for wide range applications such as Solar Systems, TV’s, Fridges, Freezers, Lights, Computers, Fans, Pumps, Motors, etc as well as sensitive electronic equipment that requires stable and continuous pure sine output.


  • Pure sine wave output means the ability to drive constant load for a wide range of applications
  • Input and output fully isolated
  • High-Efficiency Design with very low harmonic distortion
  • Multiple safety & protection measures: Overload protection, overheat protection, output short circuit protection, input low-voltage protection, input overvoltage protection


Output Power: 3000W.
Surge Power: Output Power x 2.
Input Voltage 12V.
Output Voltage 220- 240V AC.
Efficiency 90%.
Working Temperature 0 to 40 Degrees Celsius.


1 x Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
1 x User Manual
2 x Battery Cables(1 x positive red, 1 x negative black)


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