Alpha ESS 5000W Hybrid Inverter 10.1KWh Storage


Product Features

Batteries is modular and easy to add on
Intelligent control
Essential load protected
47/7 Monitoring
Remote programmable
Firmware updated remotely by supplier

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Alpha ESS 5000W Hybrid Inverter 10.1KWh Storage Overview

The Alpha ESS 5000W Hybrid Inverter is made up of the following items:

1 x ALPH-SMILE-BAT-10.1P Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 10.1kWh for SMILE5
1 x ALPH-SMILE5-INV Alpha ESS SMILE5 5000W Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
2 x ALPH-SM60A Acrel SM60A Direct Connected Power Meter 1PH ( Alpha ) 60A


Alpha ESS 5000W Hybrid Inverter 10.1KWh Storage Key points

Modular design
Intelligent design
Long Lifetime

The Alpha Storion SMILE5-INV is a modular design single-phase PV and Battery hybrid 5kW inverter with Backup functionality with UPS function built-in.

This Hybrid inverter can be connected to up to 6x Alpha ESS parallel expansion battery modules offering up to 34.2kWh storage capacity (when using ALPH-SMILE5-BAT) or up to 60.6kWh (when using ALPH-SMILE-BAT-10.1P)

Market leading quality, without the corresponding price tag, the Alpha SMILE5 offers cloud monitoring and modular format for expansion at a later date.

Alpha Smile5 inverter does not come with an energy meter supplied. Separate Acrel part needs to be purchased.


  • 5kW single phase hybrid inverter.
  • Fast response.
  • UPS ability.
  • 24/7 Monitoring.

PLEASE NOTE: As per Alpha ESS Warranty document “It is required that all systems have internet connection for monitoring. Systems that are not connected to the internet will have their warranty reduced to 3 years”

Additional information

Weight 162.84 kg

162.84 kg

Rated Power:



System specifications

  • Nominal Output Power: 5000 W.
  • Capacity Range: 10.1 ~ 60.6 kWh (90% DoD).
  • Usable Capacity Range: 9.1 ~ 54.4 kWh.
  • Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4.
  • IP Protection: IP21 (Indoor) / IP65 (Outdoor).
  • Warranty: 5 Year Product Warranty, 10 Year Battery Warranty.


  • Model: SMILE5-INV.
  • Max. PV Input Current: 2 x 12 A.
  • Max. PV Input Voltage: 580 V.
  • MPPT Number: 2.
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 125 ~ 550 V.
  • Max. PV Short-circuit Current: 2 x 15 A.
  • Max. Charging/Discharging Current: 100 A.
  • Max. Charging/Discharging Power: 5000 W.
  • Rated Voltage: 230 V.
  • Grid Voltage Range: 180 ~ 270 V.
  • Rated Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
  • Phase: Single-Phase
  • Backup: UPS.
  • Display: LCD.
  • Communication: Ethernet.
  • Start Up DC Voltage: 125 V.
  • Humidity: 15% ~ 85% (No Condensing).
  • Dimensions:(W x D x H) 610mm x 236mm x 615mm.
  • Weight: 60 kg.


  • Module Model: SMILE-BAT-10.1P.
  • Module Capacity: 10.1 kWh.
  • Module Nominal Voltage: 48 V.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 °C ~ 50 °C.
  • Max. Modules in Parallel: 6.
  • Max. Charging/Discharging Current: 100 A (0.5C).
  • Dimensions:(W x D x H) 610mm x 236mm x 723mm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Cycle Life: 8000.


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Guarantee/ Warranty 5 year product warranty
Supply Single Phase



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