15kw 3 phase Sofar Inverter


The Sofar 15kw Three-Phase Inverter is the perfect solution for all your off-grid energy needs. 15kw Sofar Three-Phase Energy storage integrated inverter. The Sofar 15kw Three-Phase Inverter is an inverter designed for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, operating 15kW total output power.

The 15kw 3 phase Sofar Inverter only works with High-Voltage battery storage.

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15kw 3 phase Sofar Inverter

The Sofar 15kw Three-Phase Inverter is designed for businesses and industrial applications that require high power ground mounting capable of handling multiple voltages. 15kw 3 phase Sofar Inverter is a three-phase photovoltaic energy storage inverter integrating grid-connected photovoltaic inverter and battery energy storage. The HYD 15KTL-3PH inverter has a variety of built-in operating modes to suit diverse user needs. The 15kw 3 phase Sofar Inverter can provide a complete solution in a period of rising energy costs such as oil and coal, the energy subsidy of the photovoltaic grid-connected systems keeps falling. In the period of continuous power supply and emergency power supply demand in mountainous areas or base stations without a power grid. The Sofar 15kw Three-Phase Inverter is the perfect inverter for any job requiring the highest efficiency with a super quiet operation. It is suitable for home, business, and industry use.


4 MPPT input, more flexible configuration.
Diversified work patterns and rapid gains.
Full digital control, higher control accuracy.
APF mode, improved grid power quality.
Multiple parallel systems, more flexible system solutions.

Battery Parameters.
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.
Battery voltage range: 200V-750V.
Rated Charge/Discharge current: 25A.
Charging strategy: Follow BMS.
Rated Charge/Discharge power: 15000W.
Max Charge/Discharge Power: 18750W<10min 22500W<1min.
DC Connector/Quality: MC PV Connector/2.

PV Input:
Recommended Max. PV input power: 19950W.
Max input voltage: 1000V.
Start-up Voltage: 180V.
MPPT operating voltage range: 160V-960V.
Rated voltage: 600V.
Full power MPPT voltage range: 500V-850V.
Max. Input current: 25A/25A.
Max short-circuit current: 32.5A/32.5A.
MPPT Number/ String number of each MPPT: 2/2+2.

Off-Grid Output:
Rate output voltage: 230V/400V (+-10%).
THDv@ full load: 3%.
Rated output current: 3*21.8A.
Max output current: 3*33A<1min.
Output frequency: 50/60HZ.
Rated output power: 15000W.
Parallel connection: Yes.
Single-phase output: Yes.
AC terminal: 5P Terminal Block.

ON-Grid Output:
Rated output power: 15000W.
Max output power: 16500VA.
Max output current: 3*25A.
Output voltage: 230/400V; (184-275V) [According to local standard].
Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz.
Output power factor: 0.8leading- 0.8laging.
THDi@ full load: <3%.
Grid type: 3/N/PE.


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