200 Liter Low-pressure solar geyser

A 200L Low-Pressure solar geyser system from SA Solar Technology will provide a family of 4-5 Adults with enough hot water.

Installation can be arranged.

5 years guarantee

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200L low-pressure solar geyser from SA Solar Technology.

A cost-effective 200 Liter low-pressure solar geyser solution for saving money by generating hot water using thermal energy. The 200L low-pressure solar geysers from SA Solar Technology are known as no-pressure 200L SA Solar Technology solar geysers, which allows you to save monthly electrical bills and the low-pressure solar geyser systems are very simple to install. Our 200L low-pressure solar hot water heaters are very easy to install. Installation for your 200L low-pressure SA solar geyser can be arranged by JC Solar Panels.




  • 200L low-pressure solar geyser system
  • Solar geyser stand


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