Synapse 3.55kWH 48V Li-ion Battery


Synapse 3.55kWH 48V Lithium-ion solar Battery

  • Modular design
  • DoD: 90%
  • Life cycle: 6000
  • Design life: >10 years
  • Easy installation with brackets or in cabinets
  • Communication protocols: CAN, RS485, RS 232
  • Safety Certificates: CE, TÜV, UN38.3, ROHS

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Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Solar Battery Overview

The Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery which can be used to reliably provide power for various types of equipment and systems. The Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery is especially suitable for applications with high power, limited installation space and long cycle life.

  • The Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery has a built-in BMS (battery management system), which can manage and monitor cells information including voltage, current and temperature.
  • What’s more, the BMS can balance cells during charging and discharging to extend cycle life.
  • Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power, supporting longer autonomy requirements.

Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery Features

Below is all the features that makes the Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery stand out from the rest.

  • The whole module is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.
  • Cathode material is made from LiFePO4 with safety performance and long cycle life.
  • Battery management system (BMS)has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and high/low temperature.
  • The system can automatically manage charge and discharge state and balance current and voltage of each cell.
  • Flexible configuration, multiple battery modules can be in parallel for expanding capacity and power.
  • Adopted self-cooling mode rapidly reduced system entire noise.
  • The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging it on shelf, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.
  • Working temperature range is from -10 to 50, (Charging 0~50; discharging -10~50) with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.
  • Small size and light weight, standard of 19-inch embedded designed module is comfortable for installation and maintenance.

The Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery is an excellent lithium-ion solar battery at an affordable price. Contact JC Solar Panels today to place an order on the Synapse 3.55kWh 48V Li-ion Battery while stocks last.


Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 442 × 420 × 132 mm
Nominal Voltage:


Nominal Capacity:


Usable Capacity:


Design Life:

10+ Years (25°C)


442 x 420 x 132mm




Synapse 3.55kWH 48V Li-ion Battery Specifications

Single string quantity: 8 pcs

Nominal Voltage: 48V

Nominal Capacity: 3552Wh

Usable Capacity: 3200Wh

Discharge Voltage: 45 ~ 53.5V

Charge Voltage: 52.5 ~ 53.5V 

Charge / Discharge Current: 37Amps (recommended) / 74Amps (Max)

Working Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C 

Shelf Temperature: -20 ~ 60 °C

Humidity: 5% ~ 85% 

Altitude: <2000 

Design Life: 10+ Years (25°C)

Cycle Life: > 6000, 25°C

Communication Port: RS485 / CAN

Authentication Level: UL / IEC62619 / CE / UN38.3  

Dimension: 442 x 420 x 132mm

Weight: 32kg



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