12kWh Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery 52VDC


12kWh Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery

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16kWh Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery 52VDC Overview

LiFeYPO4 batteries have more than 4 times the energy density compared to Lead Acid equivalents. This has great advantages for application where light weight energy storage is a requirement. Applications such as 4 × 4 vehicles, yachts and even apartments buildings benefit greatly from the light weight batteries. No gassing, no ventilation.
Experience the benefits of a new generation of energy storage solutions. At BlueNova we offer batteries for all applications. From 12V, 24V, 36V, 48 V up to 800V. Storage capacities from 3.6 kWh for small residential applications to 800kWh for industrial applications.



Blue Nova offer high performance, ultra-reliable energy storage solutions. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeYPO4) batteries have now become the leading technology in energy storage for the modern world. With transfer efficiencies of more than 96% @C2 charge and discharge rates (or 98% @C10), they deliver 10 times higher turn-around efficiencies than leading lead acid batteries.

Product Features:

  • Serial communication compatible, CAN protocol with leading inverters.
  • On-board monitoring & diagnostics via integrated user interface/display.
  • Local monitoring & diagnostics from smartphones, PC’s & other compatible devices via shared local WiFi connection.
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics (incl. over-the-air firmware updates) from any internet-connected location globally.
  • Yttrium-fortified cathode for ultra-resilience against accelerated degradation & fade.
  • 10-year product warranty.

Additional information

Weight 148 kg
Dimensions 640 × 365 × 320 mm

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Guarantee/ Warranty


Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Amp Hours


Nominal Voltage

52 VDC

Design Life

7 – 10 years (depending on usage)

Usable Capacity

12000 Wh @C10, 25°C, 10400 Wh @C2, 25°C


150 kg

Dimensions (mm)

2 x (640 x 365 x 320mm) (W x D x H)


12kWh Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery 52VDC Specifications

Product features
MasterController™ features

  • On-board display for monitoring performance variables, such as cell voltage & temperature.
  • Integrated energy meter.
  • Serial communication (CANBUS) compatible with leading inverters

Other features

  • Automatic pre-charge circuit. Built-in fuse & DC isolator.
  • 10 year warranty.

General Information

  • Battery Type: LiFeYPO4 (Lithium Iron Yttrium Phosphate).
  • Usable Capacity: 12000 Wh.
  • Nominal Voltage: 52 VDC.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 46.4 VDC – 56.2 VDC.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C – 65°C:
  • Cycle Life: @ 100% DoD > 3600 cycles (12000 Wh), @ 80% DoD > 5000 cycles (9600 Wh), @ 70% DoD > 7000 cycles (8400 Wh).
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2 x (640 mm x 365 mm x 240 mm).
  • Weight: 150 kg.
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years.

Charge / Discharge

  • Bulk Voltage: 56.2 VDC.
  • Discharge Voltage (min.): 46.4 V.
  • Charge Current (max.): 320 A continuous.
  • Discharge Current (max.) 320 A continuous, 500 A burst (1 minute), 640 A peak (2 seconds).
  • Self-discharge Rate: < 2% per month.
  • Charge & Discharge Efficiency: 96% @C2, 98% @C10.


  • Isolator: 640 A.
  • In-line Fuse: 2 x 160 A.
  • Over-current Protection: 320 A.
  • Over-voltage Cut-out: 62.4 V (3.90 V on any cell).
  • Under-voltage Cut-out: 45.6 V (2.85 V on any cell).


12kWh Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery Datasheet


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