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  • Batteries and accessories

    Batteries and accessories (28)

    JC Solar Panels offer a variety of solar AGM and solar Lithium-Ion batteries for your solar systems or to power your home or office in times of power outages. If you require a price for any solar Lead-Acid, SLA, or Lithium battery, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you will affordable prices to meet your needs.
  • Cables & Protection

    Cables & Protection (28)

    Cables we offer for batteries and solar solutions. Browse for all the cabling, connectors and solar power protection devices for your batteries and solar products. Although cabling and mountings can be brought at your local store, you can request specific cabling or protection devices for solar with JC Solar Panels.
  • Solar Charge Controllers

    Solar Charge Controllers (3)

    Solar charge controllers are used to regulating the flow of electricity to and from solar battery storage devices. Solar charge controllers protect your battery bank from overvoltage and overcharging scenarios which could damage your battery bank or even worse, result in human injuries. We offer solar MPPT charge controllers and PWM charge controllers for your requirements depending on your needs…
  • Solar Geysers

    Solar Geysers (12)

    No hot water during power outages? High electricity bills? A solar geyser can solve all these issues. An electrical geyser can take up to 50% of your entire home’s electrical consumption. A 150 L solar geysers heater means that 4.5kWh/day of electricity is not required. Convert to a solar geyser system today and benefit from hot water produced by solar…
  • Solar Inverters

    Solar Inverters (40)

    Solar Inverters by JC Solar Panels JC Solar Panels offer you high-quality solar inverters to effectively convert DC to AC in a safe and easy manner. We have a variety of inverters to best suit your budget based on your requirements. We strive to only provide high-quality pure sine wave solar inverters to our clients. If you need a modified…
  • Solar Lights

    Solar Lights (7)

    Solar lights are an excellent solution to save on electricity consumption and billing costs for outdoor lighting. Solar lights also give your garden a cozier and more ambient feel. Installing solar lights around your home or business, you add an extra layer of security to your premises. JC Solar Panels offer a variety of solar lights such as, garden solar…
  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels (17)

    JC Solar Panels offer you a variety of solar panel products to best suit your solar requirements. We offer polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels. If you require any specific solar panel, we can do our best to find the correct solar panel with the best price for you. We offer affordable solar panels and high-end solar panels. However,…
  • Solar power kits

    Solar power kits (25)

    Solar-powered kits include solar panels, inverters and also batteries to power your life. A complete kit with all the major components needed to convert to solar power for your home or office. We offer only the best quality solar components for solar kits. Installations are available in Klerksdorp. Installations can be conducted by a solar 3rd party installer in Gauteng.