Last updated: 2022/06/06

Shipping Policy:

Please be aware that payment for orders must be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for both online purchases and invoiced transactions unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed upon. Our warehouse does not handle payments for orders and is solely available for the collection of orders that have been processed beforehand. Providing proof of payment allows us to proceed with your order and prepare it for dispatch. However, orders will only be dispatched once the payment has been confirmed in our bank account.

Goods are shipped using 3rd party shipping companies and prices are calculated based on weight and dimensions. All orders are shipped at the instruction of the customer & as a result, the customer will be liable for the items once it has left the premises of JC Solar Panels or our distributors.

Fully installed systems are shipped by the installer and it is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the goods in transit are safe as he has full liability for the components when collecting and delivering. 

Kindly note, all orders are processed when funds have been reflected in our FNB bank account. We do not dispatch orders based on bank payment proof of payments due to the amount of fraudulent proof of payments that occur in South Africa. This is valid for both shipping and self-collection orders.

  • All orders are shipped by JC Solar Panels (PTY) LTD without any insurance, except if insurance is requested.
  • An order will be considered completed by JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD once it has been collected by the customer &/or the shipping company.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD will not be held liable for any damages or losses that may be incurred during transit via theft, looting, hijacking, fire, mishandling, negligence, acts of God, or any other cause that is out of our control [force majeure].
  • Additional packaging costs may be incurred by the customer when requesting JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD to ship solar panels. Goods that are fragile need packaging that will incur an additional fee.
  • Goods will be delivered within 2-10 working days depending on the Courier company’s schedules and the volume of products requiring dispatch at a time.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD do not ship internationally.
  • JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD only ship our goods nationally (within South Africa).
  • The customer should provide their full shipping address and contact details for the courier company.
  • The customer should avail themselves within the 2-10 working days to receive the goods.
  • The customer may organize their own courier, provided JC SOLAR PANELS (PTY) LTD are notified beforehand.

Cancellation policy:

If cancellation is required after payment has been made then an email to the specified sales team will be required by the consumer which should entail:

  • Reason for cancellation.
  • Consumer banking details.
  • A cancellation time frame of 48 hours will fall into place once an order has been placed.
  • If the order is canceled after the 48 hour time frame a 5% penalty will be incurred for the processing of the specified order.
  • If the order is canceled within the given time period then no penalty will be incurred.

Self-Collection Policy:

Self-collections are welcome for products available to be self-collected. Arrangements for self-collections should be made prior to the collection of orders.

Orders should be paid, processed, and made available for self collections to occur. Due to high demands, we need time to process orders and make them available for self-collections, this can be 1 to 3 days except if another arrangement has been made. Our sales team will inform the customer when an order is ready for collection, and present the customer with a reference number, the collection address, the dispatch person’s details, and a collection time stamp.

Most components can be self-collected with the exception of a few specific components that is for online orders only and to be shipped. These components are either not in stock at the warehouse in Sandton or Kempton Park, or at a warehouse that does not allow end-customer access for self collections due to the crimes/robberies affecting solar warehouses.

No orders will be dispatched when payment has not been received. 

Paid orders can’t be collected if the order has not been processed and made ready for self-collections and if the customer has not received verification that the order is ready for collection. 

Kindly note that we do not operate as a walk-in store and that components are stored in a warehouse. Due to the high demand, we need to ensure all orders are treated fairly and allocate orders from the oldest to the newest orders in an efficient manner to accommodate each and every customer’s order effectively. This is to avoid delays, confusion, or staff prioritizing new orders over older orders.


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