Fully installed solar kits

Fully installed solar kits available to Johannesburg and Pretoria. We provide licensed Green Card solar installers for all solar installation work on our pre-configured solar or backup system bundles available. For installations outside of Gauteng, please inquire with our team to ensure we have installers available in your area.

When placing an order on these standard installation bundles, our installer will contact you to arrange a time of date to suit you and he will collect/deliver and install all components to your home or office on the agreed date and time of the booking made.

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Installation policy

Standard electrical system installation services include:

Electrical components such as inverters, batteries, solar panels, DB boxes, combiner boxes, isolators, cables, connectors and roof mounting systems quoted for by JC Solar Panels Pty, to be configured and installed and mounted to the property with the inverters connected to the electrical distribution boards of the property. Additional components not bought from JC Solar Panels can also be installed but should be discussed with JC Solar Panels and quoted for accordingly. The standard installation DOES Not include additional AC nor DC electrical repairs or installations not in the scope of the original quote. Any additional component, not paid for or quoted on, can not be recovered or obtained from the installer’s cost. The client has the responsibility to ensure all components are paid for and included into the quotation required for an installation. The client has the right to communicate directly with the installer to ensure all components are valid and correctly calculated to meet a standard installation service before an installation is booked. The standard installation service only includes the installation of components quoted for. Any additional electrical work, for example: DB board rewiring, electrical fault inspections/repairs/maintenance, cable installations, electrical additions etc., are quoted for seperarely and the solar installation cost does not cover it.

The solar engineer will make recommendations in his professional expertise on where and how to install the solar or backup power components for it to work optimally and be installed in a safe and ventilated environment to best meet the needs of the power load as well as the property’s electrical system. The standard installation is based on the electrical components quoted for, to be installed unto/into the client’s home or office assuming all the property’s electrical wiring, DB board and electrical system is compliant and in an optimally working condition, ready for solar integration. The installer can delay the installation service if the property’s electrical system is not correctly configured and the installer can offer services to conduct repairs or additional electrical services separately from the quotation at a standard electrical fee based on the labor and material costs. All installations are based on the licensed electrical installer’s recommendations and all changes or configurations not approved by the installer, may void warranties on the components as well as on the installation. All standard installations should comply with South Africa’s electrical regulations and standards and the installer will provide an electrical certificate of compliance on the completed project.  No illegal connections or configurations will be allowed under any of our installation services. JC Solar Panel Pty is the supplier of the products provided and can’t be held liable for any damages to our products, by the client or the installer. If the installer caused damages to products due to negligence or incorrect calculations, the installer will be liable towards the client to replace or repair the relevant component/s. Any tampering with an installed system by the client or a 3rd party installer, will void a warranty on the original product installation. Any defective products with manufacturer defects can be replaced by JC Solar Panels Pty after an assessment has been concluded and if the packaging is included under the manufacturer warranty. The product and packaging should be in the same condition as it was received by the client or installer.

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