Different types of solar system kits

You finally made the decision to convert to solar power, but you’re not sure which solar system to purchase.  JC Solar Panels  offer a whole variety of solar systems to meet every need.

Grid-tied solar system

The Grid-tied solar system is for anyone who is connected to the Eskom power grid. The Grid-tied solar system makes use of Solar PV panels directly connected to the power grid Eskom provides. It allows you to sell the power your system generates and reduces your total energy costs. Grid-tied solar systems are the most affordable solar system option and offers you the quickest payback and return on investment.

Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar system

These systems are a great solution to anyone who want to save money on their electricity costs. In a Off-grid solar system, solar panels are used to charge a bank of batteries. The batteries then provide electricity to your home. Off-grid solar systems are an excellent solution for farmers, people in remote or rural areas, undeveloped land or anyone with no access to Eskom power. This is also a suitable system to be independent from Eskom and providing your own electricity for your home or business. Off-grid solar systems do cost more than other systems due to the battery storage needed to power your home. By using an Off-grid solar system, it is advisable to make some lifestyle changes and use energy efficient electrical appliances and also a backup generator could be essential.

Grid-tied system with battery backup (Hybrid)

The Hybrid solar system configuration offers you the best of both worlds. It is an ideal system for anyone who has unreliable power, such as load-shedding scenarios. It works best provide power for people who needs a water pump, lights, security systems and office equipment to function. The Grid-tied system with battery backup or hybrid solar kit, is more expensive compared to Grid-tied systems and offers a lower return on investment. However, the Hybrid solar system, is the most reliable solar system kit. The hybrid grid-tied system with battery backup, can act as a grid-tie system by sending electricity back to the grid. It can also charge batteries for powering electrical appliances in your home.

Grid-tied System With Battery Backup Hybrid
Battery backup System

Battery backup systems

Battery backup systems receives their power from the grid and has no solar panels included. When there is power from the grid, the batteries are charged. The Battery backup systems are ideal for businesses and households that require emergency backup power in case of power outages.


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