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High-quality solar products and solar solutions at JC Solar Panels.

Beat load-shedding and peaking electrical prices by converting to solar. Solar energy is generated from the sun’s solar ray’s which is then converted into usable energy for your home. Invest in solar products for a and save money on your bills today.

Solar products and solar conversions

Before converting to solar, the most important factor to consider is choosing the correct solar system for your specific location and power usage. We offer a wide range of solar products to meet you exact needs and budget. 

Solar power solutions and products

JC Solar Panels provide our solar solutions and products in all areas around Johannesburg, Pretoria, Klerksdorp, and Potchefstroom. Also, we can deliver our solar products to your home in any location across South Africa. We offer solar energy systems for homes, schools, general offices, industrial industries, and commercial properties. The demand for solar-powered devices is drastically increasing due to electrical tariff increases, load-shedding, and Eco-friendliness. JC Solar Panels are dedicated to filling the gap for people who struggle with high electrical prices or who want to live off the grid and be self-efficient with solar-powered properties.

Benefits of JC Solar Panels

Green Solar Energy Products And Solutions

Alternative energy solutions

Alternative energy solutions by the means of solar energy. JC Solar Panels provides you with a large variety of solar energy products for your home and business in South Africa. We are an established solar company providing only the highest quality solar panels, solar geysers and solar inverters available on the market. 

What is solar energy?

Transforming heat that originates from the sun is called solar energy. The sun is the largest energy source for our planet. People harvested the sun’s energy for thousands of years. Many people uses the sun’s heat for cooking, drying and heating. In locations where electricity is difficult to find such as, in some rural areas or in space, people started using solar products to transform the sun’s  solar energy  into working electricity. Generating solar energy has become much more effective, as improved solar products and components are being manufactured on a daily basis. By installing a solar product such as solar panels or solar geysers, you are directly contributing to save our environment as solar energy is considered an renewable energy and also, an alternative to non-alternative energy sources such as coal or fuels. See our  FAQ  section for commonly asked questions regarding solar. 

High quality solar panels and solar products

Here at JC Solar Panels, we are dedicated and work hard to provide you with the best possible solar panels and related solar products on the market. Having high quality solar panels with related solar products installed in your home or office, you contribute to a Eco-friendly environment and also, you will never be left in the dark again. While load-shedding may leave many people with candle light, you can still benefit from having enough energy to continue your work or watch a movie with your family, all thanks to solar energy. And that is not all. You will also save greatly on your utility bills because solar energy is and will always be free! 

Solar PV Panels for sale

We stock high-quality solar panels at affordable prices to generate electricity for your home or business. We offer Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar PV panel products.

Solar PV Panels For Sale
Solar Kit Packages For Solar Off Grid And Battery Backup

Solar kits for sale

If you want a complete solar kit which includes a solar inverter, solar panels or batteries, you can browse our solar kit packages available to see which solar kit system would best meet your needs. For all solar protection devices or solar cables, click  here

Solar Batteries for sale

JC Solar Panels are proud to offer high-quality solar batteries for all your energy storage needs. We offer Lithium-ion, Gel sealed deep cycle and AGM batteries for your solar system requirements. A correctly sized battery bank might be the greatest investment to your solar installation. 

Solar Battery Storage Bank
Solar Inverter Products For Sale

Solar Inverters for sale

An inverter can make or break your solar or load-shedding setup. We offer high-quality solar inverters which converts DC to pure sine wave AC, to power your electrical appliances in a safe manner. We provide a variety of hybrid-solar inverters and also off-grid solar inverters depending on your requirements. Most of our solar inverters come installed with an MPPT charger. learn more about MPPT chargers here.

Solar Geysers products

We offer solar geyser products that allow you to generate hot water without the electrical costs on your utility bills. By the means of solar energy, you can have 

SA Solar Geyser Hot Water Shower
SABS Approved Solar Products

SABS Solar Products

Our premium quality solar panels and solar geysers are SABS approved and are ensured to provide you with a safe and premium services. 

Residential solar products

We offer solar geysers, solar inverters, solar conversions and solar panels for residential homes across South Africa. Save on your utility bills by converting your home to solar energy today!

Commercial solar products

Want to cut on electrical costs and operate during power-outages at your business? We have the right solar solution for you. We offer affordable solar battery backup solutions for your business. 

Industrial solar products

We can supply large manufacturing companies in the industrial industry with high-quality solar panels and solar solutions to help you save more on large scale energy usages. 

Solar powered lights

Solar power can provide sufficient pure sine wave energy to your home’s electrical lights in times of power outages. We recommend the use of LED lights to best accommodate your solar system.

Basic Electrical devices

With our solar products, you can power computers, electrical fans, lights and televisions with solar power. Investing in a quality solar system, will provide you sufficient power for your appliances.

Solar storage solutions

We offer a variety of batteries for solar or power outage solutions. We offer a variety of different types of solar batteries to meet your needs and your budget. For cabling and accessories, see our  cabling  section. 

Solar installers

JC Solar Panels offer solar products to the public and we can arrange for solar installations if required. We can arrange solar installers in surrounding areas of Welkom, Free state, Johannesburg & Pretoria, Gauteng and North-West province.

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting saves you money while it provides light for indoor and outdoor spaces. Solar lighting can produce excellent security for homes and businesses without the expense. We got you covered with our range of solar lighting products.

Solar product warranty's

All our solar panels, solar inverters, solar hot water geysers and related solar products do come with a manufactures warranty. Our team will analyze the product, and if a manufacturer defect is detected, the product may be exchanged.

See our solar products

Browse through our variety of solar products offered.

Solar system configuration information

Solar system configuration information

The first step before purchasing a solar system for your home, is to calculate the size of the solar system required to power your electrical appliances at your property. A correctly calculated solar system can save you money, work as intended and keep you from overspending on unnecessary solar products. Learn more about  calculating  your solar system size under our resources pages. 

Solar inverter information

For a better understanding regarding the origin of  inverters  and how inverters came to be, you can learn more under our inverters page provided in our solar resources section. Also, we have resources regarding the functionality and types of  solar inverters  which plays a big role in your solar setup and configuration. For a more in depth explanation of solar inverters, you are most welcome to read through our  solar inverter  information page.

Solar panel product information

Solar panels are used to generate electricity directly from radiant light received from the sun in South Africa. We offer solar panel product information resources for you to better understand the basic principles of how  solar panels  work and generate electricity for your home. You can also find that there are different types of solar panels which is important when investing in a solar system for your property. We provide you with all the necessary solar panel information regarding the  different types of solar panels  in the South African market. 

Solar battery product information

Solar battery products are used to store the power generated by solar panels for later use by your inverter and electrical appliances in your home or office. Learn more about  sizing a battery bank  to supply enough power for your home in times of power failures. There is a wide variety of solar battery product to choose from when you invest in solar systems.  Choosing the correct battery  is very important for your solar investment. Solar batteries can be expensive but provides an excellent investment when you purchase the correct solar battery with a reliable warranty and lifespan. We offer  Lead-Acid  and  Lithium-ion  solar batteries for solar system applications. Solar charge controllers are needed to correctly  charge  the solar batteries in a solar configuration. A standard solar charge controller would be the MPPT  solar charge controllers  and we provide you with resources to learn more about these charge controllers for a better understanding of how they perform and function in a solar system.  

Complete solar kit product information

A complete solar kit gives you the freedom to purchase a solar system without hassle for your property. We offer a you a simple resource page to learn more about the different  solar kit  implementations which would work best for your requirements. 

Solar geysers product information

Solar geysers are excellent for heating water using thermal energy from the sun. Solar geyser products can drastically reduce your electrical consumption bills for heating hot water for free. An electrical geyser consumes great amounts of electricity to heat cold water, however, a solar geyser makes use of a solar collector that traps thermal energy or heat from the sun, inside the thermosiphon  system to heat the water. Learn more about how a solar geyser works today and save money by installing a  solar geyser  at your property. 

Alternative solar energy solutions

Save money by investing in solar energy!